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13 Feb 2003 08:41:21 +0000
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On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 22:15, Diego R. Lopez wrote:
> Glad to know you are back to good old 5.6.1 ;-) Now, seriously: I have
> been investigating the 5.8 problem you reported but have not found enough
> time to test some ideas I have. By the way, in the process of looking for
> information I have found something that could make possible to run PAPI
> on an apache2 server without too much hassle. More on this in a week or
> so...
Let us know when you have something, and I'll try to find the time to
set up a 'PoA under Apache2 & Perl 5.8.. :-)

> I can see from the configuration you send that you are requesting cookies
> for location /manual with service ID "manual" (as it is in your authentication
> file) and trying to access a PoA at /manual with service ID "local".
> This mismatch may cause this strange behavior, since I'm afraid the PoA
> is going to get puzzled about the correct value to send. What amazes me is
> that the PoA seems to be generating the cookies... it should not! (another
> bug corrected for 1.2.1 Thanks!).
I spotted that one (after I'd posted the message, and gone off to sort
something else :)

> Second, I'm not sure about the mismatch beetween the Domain directive into
> PAPI_Main and the URL you are using in the authentication file. Bear in
> mind that your browser is perceiving it is going to connect to
> to get the access cookies and the server is
> going to set the "domain" field in the cookies to "".
> Even in the case they correspond to the same host, I'll bet the browser
> will not install a cookie coming from as valid to
> be sent back to And in the case it would install it,
> I'm pretty sure it won't send the cookie back!
however, this one DID fix the problem...
Ian Stuart: Edinburgh University Data Library.

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