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Gustavo Roig <[log in para visualizar]>
Tue, 21 Aug 2007 13:02:32 +0200
text/plain (24 lines)
hello friends!!

This is my first mail to the list. I am beginer in PAPI and I'm not
programmer  though I   know debian and Apache very well.
I have installed AS on Debian Etch . Now I'm having a problem with de
instalation of POA. When I try to compile it (after un-tar and run 'perl
Makefile.PL') I can read this message:

bib10:~/PAPI-1.4.0# tar xvfz PAPI....... tar.gz
bib10:~/PAPI-1.4.0# perl Makefile.PL
bib10:~/PAPI-1.4.0# make
make[1]: se ingresa al directorio `/root/PAPI-1.4.0/Conf'
Makefile:151: *** las instrucciones comenzaron antes del primer
objetivo.  Alto.
make[1]: se sale del directorio `/root/PAPI-1.4.0/Conf'

that means "commands commence before first target"
Someone have an idea  what can I  do about it?

Thanks a lot