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"Roberto S. G." <[log in para visualizar]>
Sat, 16 May 2009 20:59:07 +0200
text/plain (23 lines)

I've been using this "strange" ldap conf in for a while
(with also a little modification in
   $$cfg{authenticationHook} = \&PAPI::LDAPAuth::VerifyUser;
   $$cfg{credentialHook} = \&PAPI::BasicAuth::DefCredentials;
   $$cfg{attrRequestHook} = \&PAPI::BasicAuth::DefAttributes;
so I could authenticate ldap users, without including PAPI objectclasses
in my ldap schema.

Now, I'd need to use two different assertions depending on the site
accessed... Is it possible to use $$cfg{basicAuthDB} at the same time,
in order to generate different defAssertions depending on site?

I'd check it myself, but actually I have v1.4.0, and assertions in DB
were included in 1.4.1 (afaik). I tried to use the LDAP and DB, but the
latter seems to be ignored...
As I'm in the process of adding papi to my schema, I would only upgrade
to 1.4.1 before that, if using the db is possible...
maybe this doesn't worth the time... not sure.