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09 Oct 2002 19:40:54 +0200
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> The PAPI-AS & PAPI-PoA both seem to be looking for perl packages that
> are part of the Mod-Perl 1.x series.
> Are there any plans to release version of Apache (& Apache/Mod-Perl)
> 2.x? 

I'm sorry to say that not for the moment. We are not many people working
in PAPI and we are currently involved in the development of two PAPI
releases. The first one, PAPI 1.2, is aimed to incorporate some immediate
needs perceived by the users of the system. The second one, PAPI 2.0, it
is a full re-design of the system, that now includes PoAs with the ability of
on-line querying Authentication Servers for user attributes, incorporates
a trust model for this process, and uses SAML for exchanging information,
thus making the system compatible with other similar initiatives (like
Shibboleth, the Liberty Alliance specs, etc.).

PAPI 1.2 is still fully based in Perl and mod-perl, but PAPI 2.0 is going
to be built around a core library built in C (portability issues dictate
this), and we plan only to retain the Perl implementaion for the PoA behaving
in proxy mode. The migration of PAPI 1.2 to Apache 2.x will start only
when we receive enough requests from our users, or we have somebody willing
to volunteer for this task. In the future, the proxy modules of PAPI 2.x
will be migrated to mod-perl 2.x.

Thanks for your interest and best regards,
"Esta vez no fallaremos, Doctor Infierno"

Diego R. Lopez
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The Spanish NREN
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