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Fri, 20 Jun 2003 16:06:53 +0200
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Est disponible el siguiente working paper n 676 del Departamento y
n28 del CRES que ha sido aceptado para su publicacin en el Journal of
Health Economics

 Title: A Consistency Test of the Time Trade-Off
 Authors: Han Bleichrodt, Jos Luis Pinto and Jos Mara
 Date: March 2003
 Date of entry: 2003-04-09
 Keywords: Cost-Utility Analysis, Time Trade-Off, Loss Aversion
 JEL Codes: I10
 Area of Research: 09 - Labour, Public and Health Economics
 CRES Series number: 28
 Published in: Journal of Health Economics (forthcoming)


 This paper tests the internal consistency of time trade-off utilities.
We find significant violations of consistency in  the direction
predicted by loss aversion. The violations disappear for higher gauge
durations. We show that loss  aversion can also explain that for short
gauge durations time trade-off utilities exceed standard gamble
utilities. Our results suggest that time trade-off measurements that use
relatively short gauge durations, like the widely  used EuroQol
algorithm (Dolan 1997), are affected by loss aversion and lead to
utilities that are too high.

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Informe anual sobre el seguro sanitario privado en Catalunya

Memria 2002. Entitats d'assegurana lliure d'assistncia sanitria
Direcci general de recursos sanitaris. Departament de Sanitat i Seguretat
Generalitat de Catalunya, maig 2003

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Los artculos de ECONSALUD son distribuidos gracias al apoyo y colaboracin 
tcnica de RedIRIS - Red Acadmica espaola - (