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Ricardo Brito <[log in para visualizar]>
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Ricardo Brito <[log in para visualizar]>
Fri, 14 May 2010 14:23:42 +0200
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Hola a todos

Os envio este anuncio de PostDocs por si es de interes.

Un saludo,

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Subject: Postdoctoral positions
Date: Wednesday 12 May 2010
From: Rodrigo Soto <[log in para visualizar]>
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000">
Dear Colleagues,<br>
I would much appreciate if you could distribute this announcement among
eventual candidates. In particular I am looking for postdoctoral
candidates interested in granular materials, suspensions and
non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.<br>
<p align="justify">The Chilean agency for science funding (Comisi&oacute;n
Nacional de Investigaci&oacute;n Cient&iacute;fica y Tecnol&oacute;gica en 
has opened the period for presenting proposals to fund postdoctoral
positions at Chilean Universities.&nbsp; </p>
<p align="justify"><strong>The Physics Department of the Universidad de
Chile supports and encourages postdoctoral research positions under the
supervision of its faculty professors.</strong><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>
<strong>1- Who can apply?</strong><br>
that obtained his PhD diploma after July 1 2007 and before July 9 2010.
If you gave birth to a child in that period the range is extended from
July 1 2006 to July 9 2010. Non Chilean citizens will need a permanent
or temporal resident VISA. Ask in the Chilean consulate of your country
how to get it.&nbsp; <br>
<strong>2- When you can apply?</strong><br>
Between May 3 and June 3 2010. <br>
<strong>3- How? <br>
</strong>Applications is online at <a
You can write your proposal in English but the information about the
grant is in Spanish.&nbsp; To apply you will need the sponsorship of a
researcher, so you must get in contact with one of the faculty,
appropriate for your research project and he/she can help you.<br>
will have to write a 5 page proposal, a summary of your PhD thesis, a
working plan, and a justification for the election of the researcher
that gives you the sponsorship.&nbsp; </p>
<p align="justify">Shall you need more information, please contact the <a
 href="">Head of the Department</a>
or directly the <a 
with whom you want to perform the research project.</p>
<p align="justify"><a
information in Conicyt.</a></p>