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Tue, 31 Mar 2015 21:03:10 +0200
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MRC invites research proposals on ‘Improving cross sector comparison: Beyond QALY

Please find below invitation for research proposals to the MRC’s highlight notice:
The Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) is used to inform decision making in health technology assessment and beyond.  The EQ-5D is currently the preferred instrument for capturing health benefits in assessing the cost-effectiveness of health technologies for NICE and is used in NHS England’s PROM programme. However, there is an increasing recognition of the need to make decisions that may impact on a number of sectors, such as social care and public health, where interventions may have outcomes and effects other than on health.
Highlight notice:
MRC and NIHR invite applications through the Methodology Research Programme to conduct research into the possibility of creating a measure of quality of life or wellbeing, which would have utility across health and social care.
Applications focussing on the following areas will be particularly welcome:
1.       Understanding what are the outcomes of interest
2.       Exploring a Well-being Adjusted Life year (WELBY)
3.       Valuing by association with well-being
4.       Valuing on a common scale using preferences
Related research:
Applicants should be aware of ongoing work overlapping with, related to and synergistic with the subject of this highlight notice:
Department of Health’s Policy Research Unit in Economic Evaluation of Health and Care Interventions
What Works Centre for Wellbeing
Prospective applicants are also strongly encouraged to discuss their proposed work with Professor Sarah Garner at NICE, to ensure it will most effectively address the relevant challenges and to explore possibilities for interaction.
Further details:
Closing date: 17/06/2015 16:00

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