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{\bf Ph.D. Scholarship}\\
 for the project\\
''Dynamics of solitons and other nonlinear excitations\\
 under thermal fluctuations''
\hspace{1,5 cm}

The graduate research program ''Nonlinear Dynamics and Spectroscopy'' of
the University of Bayreuth (Germany) offers a scholarship for the above
project, which consists of the following parts:\\

{}From the microscopic equations with thermal noise equations of motion in
the collective variables of the solitons (e. g. position and width) are
derived. These equations are ordinary differential equations with
stochastic forces whose properties are investigated. From the solutions of
these equations the diffusion of the solitons can be obtained as a function
of time and temperature. These predictions are tested by Langevin dynamics
simulations (i.e. by numerical integration of the microscopic equations).\\

The supervisor is Prof. F. G. Mertens, who speaks Spanish and collaborates
in this project with Prof. Angel S\'anchez, University Carlos III,  Madrid.
Knowledge of the German language is not required because everybody in the
institute speaks English.\\

For the Ph. D. about 3 years are needed. The scholarship is tax-free and
amounts to ca. 1.600 DM  a month (1 DM = 85 pesetas). In addition, 340
DM can be earned as a tutor for exercises in theoretical physics (in
English language).\\

Applications should be sent by December 15, 1997 to:\\
Prof. F. G. Mertens, Physikalisches Institut, Theoretische Physik I,
Universi\"at Bayreuth, D-95440 Bayreuth, Germany, phone ++49-921-55 3227,\\
e-mail: [log in para visualizar]\\

Further informations can be obtained from:\\
Prof. Angel S\'anchez, phone (prefix 9, if calling within Spain)
1-624-9411,\\ e-mail: [log in para visualizar]\\
and from the web: