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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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Foro sobre Fisica Estadistica <[log in para visualizar]>
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1st announcement
7th International Workshop on


June 25-28, 2003
Helsinki, Finland

Organised by:
Department of Physical Sciences, University of Helsinki

Hydrogen in condensed matter is a diverse research area. In fusion
devices a detailed knowledge of hydrogen behaviour in wall materials
is needed. Energy storage in fuel cells, materials blistering and
liquid walls are also subjects where hydrogen isotopes play a
role. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together scientists from
all fields with interests in this topic.

In thermonuclear fusion research it is of fundamental importance to
study hydrogen interactions with matter.  In addition to solid wall
structures, hydrogen behaviour in liquid walls intended for fusion
devices is an open question.  In fuel cell research hydrogen at
interfaces and in solids has a key role.  Other topics in this workshop
include hydrogen trapping and migration in materials, hydrogen behaviour

on surfaces and hydrogen-induced blistering.  We invite experimental,
theoretical and review contributions.  Invited speakers will cover
interesting aspects of hydrogen in condensed matter.

Proceedings: The contributions will be published in a regular journal
after a reviewing procedure. The proceedings will present a
comprehensive overview about current status of research concerning
hydrogen in condensed matter.

Key issues:
- Hydrogen in solids, ceramics, fusion materials and liquids
- Diffusion and trapping
- Blistering
- Simulations of hydrogen in condensed matter: Molecular dynamics,
  Monte Carlo
- Surface diffusion, barriers and penetration
- T recycling in fusion reactor materials

Important dates:
First announcement:     Oct 3,  2002
Second announcement:    January 2003
Abstract submission:    Mar 14, 2003
Author notification:    Apr  2, 2003
Manuscript due:         Jun 26, 2003

International advisory committee

R. A. Causey     USA
B. Emmoth        Sweden
A. Hassanein     USA
V. A. Kurnaev    Russia
A. I. Livshits   Russia
T. Tanabe        Japan
C. H. Wu         Germany
M. Yamawaki      Japan

Organizing committee

Prof. J. Keinonen, Chairman
Prof. C. H. Wu, Co-chairman
Dr. Kai Nordlund, scientific secretary
Dr. Emppu Salonen
Dr. Jari Likonen
M. Sc. Walter Rydman, secretary
M. Sc. Kalle Heinola
M. Sc. Jonas Frantz


The hydrogen in condensed matter workshop combines the traditions of
the meetings "International workshop of hydrogen isotope recycling at
plasma-facing materials in fusion reactors", held 10 times before since
1992, and the "International workshop on tritium effects in
plasma-facing components", held 6 times before since 1992.

Contact person for further information:
Walter Rydman, [log in para visualizar],
Tel. +358-9-191 50644, Fax. +358-9-191 50042