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Randomised Algorithms EuroWorkshop

Supported by the European Commission, Research DG, Human Potential
High-Level Scientific Conferences  HPCF-2001-00105

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled
Computation, Combinatorics and Probability (29 July to 20 December 2002)

5 August - 16 August 2002

Organisers: Martin Dyer (Leeds), Mark Jerrum (Edinburgh), Peter Winkler
(Bell Labs)

Theme of Conference: As the analysis of algorithms has matured as a
discipline, it has drawn from (and inspired) increasingly sophisticated
mathematics.  This is particularly true of the analysis of randomised
algorithms.  The conference aims to stimulate progress in this
interdisciplinary area, by bringing together computer scientists with
probability theorists and others working in relevant areas of mathematics,
such as the theory of stochastic processes.

Structure:   The programme is in two parts.  The first part will be
concerned with mathematical foundations, for example, random walks on
graphs, concentration of measure, etc.	The second part is concerned with
design and analysis of algorithms which make random choices  including
Monte Carlo and Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms and
deterministic algorithms when run on random instances.	The main criterion
for inclusion of an application is that the analysis should make
significant and preferably novel use of tools from probability theory.
first Monday and Tuesday of the conference may be used for introductory
survey talks, designed to orient newcomers to the topics.

Tentative Participants:
B Bollobs, GR Brightwell, ME Dyer, E Friedgut, L Goldberg, G Grimmett,
S Janson, MR Jerrum, R Kannan, M Karonski, M Karpinski, JH Kim, B Pittel,
Randall,V Rodl, A Rucinski, A Sinclair, G Sorkin, P Tetali, A
Thomason,	E Vigoda, P Winkler.

Location and Cost:
The conference will take place at the Newton Institute and accommodation
for participants will be provided in single study bedrooms with shared
bathroom at Wolfson Court.  The workshop package, costing 715, includes
accommodation, breakfast and dinner from dinner on Sunday 4 August until
breakfast on Saturday 17 August 2002, and lunch and refreshments during
the days that lectures take place.	Numbers will be restricted to
about 50

The EuroWorkshop is supported by the European Community and funding is
available to support a limited number of young (under 35 years of age)
researchers and overseas senior researchers who are nationals of EC Member
States or of the Associated States.  Self-supporting participants of any
age and nationality are welcome to apply.

Further Information and Applications Forms are available from the WWW at:

Completed application forms should be sent to Tracey Andrew at the above
address, or via email to: [log in para visualizar]

Closing Date for the receipt of applications is 31 March 2002

   M. ngeles R. de Cara     - Condensed Matter Theory
   Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales (CSIC)
   E-28049   Cantoblanco     - Spain
   Tel: +34 913.721.420, 166 -  Fax  : +34 913.720.623