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Ana Maria Mancho <[log in para visualizar]>
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Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:59:25 +0100
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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:42:42 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
From: Michael Slater <[log in para visualizar]>
Subject: jobs in Gvttingen
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Dear all, I have been asked, by Annemieke Waite of the International Centre, to pass on 
the message below. Best wishes, Michael Slater
On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 15:10:09 <[log in para visualizar]> wrote:

Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:30:37 +0200
From: Noelia Cantero <[log in para visualizar]>

Dear all, On behalf of Mrs Roswitha Brinkmann from the University of Gttingen, please 
find below a message concerning some vacancies for young professors. May I kindly request 
you to forward this message to the interested people in your Universities. 
 Best regards,   Noelia
> The Georgia Augusta University of Gttingen,
by way of early approval of federal and state funding, announces the introduction of 
	forty Junior Professorships 
open to young academics. The positions, spread across all fields with the exception of 
law, are to be occupied by December 1, 2001. These positions will lead to an appointment 
as Junior Professor as soon as the necessary legislation has been passed and budgetary 
conditions have been fulfilled. Under this new arrangement, each Junior Professor will 
have an individual budget at his or her disposal. Eligible are young academics and 
scientists with an aptitude for teaching and considerable research ability, who have 
attained a doctoral degree with honors within the last five years and since then can 
demonstrate distinguished academic achievements. 
The initial salary will correspond to the "BAT I b" income group.
Because of their underrepresentation in many departments at the University of Gttingen, 
applications from women are especially welcome and, all other factors being equal, will  
be given special consideration in these fields.
Physically challenged applicants will likewise be given priority over equally qualified, 
non-physically challenged applicants.
A list of available positions as well as details about the application procedure can be 
viewed at our website 
> as of August 2, 2001.
Applications are to be sent to the respective department by September 7, 2001.
> Noelia Cantero Gonzlvez
> Coimbra Group of Universities
> 60 Rue de la Concorde
> B- 1050 Brussels
> Tel:
> Fax:
> Email: [log in para visualizar]
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> European Officer for Education & Training
> University of Bristol, European Office
> International Centre, Queen's Road
> Clifton, BRISTOL  BS8 1LN
> Tel:   +44-117-954 5775
> Fax:   +44-117-954 5770
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tel. (00-44)  -117-928-8632
fax. (00-44)  -117-928-7999 

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Ana Maria Mancho
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