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Rodolfo Cuerno <[log in para visualizar]>
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Foro sobre Fisica Estadistica <[log in para visualizar]>
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 17:40:14 +0100
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             PARIS,  UNESCO,  22-27 July 2002

           Web server
           E-mail       [log in para visualizar]

    TH-2002 will cover main domains of Theoretical Physics with
    emphasis on recent developments.

    At the UNESCO, it will follow the International Conferences
    on Mathematical Physics and on Statistical Physics organised
    in 1994 and 1998 with 1000 and 1850 participants respectively.
    We expect 1000-1500 participants for TH-2002.

    Information and registration on our web server.
    Registration fees:  225 euros, reduced fees (students, other
    participants upon request): 115 euros, including book of
    abstracts, proceedings, "coffee breaks", reception-cocktail,...
    Conditions speciales pour les scientifiques francais de
    certaines institutions: voir site web.

    Accommodation. Hotel Ibis: 50 euros per night (single), 28 euros
    per person in double room, incl. breakfasts. Student residences:
    135 euros for full week (7 nights) single, 90 in double room.

                        SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM

    All scientists mentioned below have accepted to talk.
    Oral and poster presentations by participants are also planned.

    SPECIAL LECTURES :    P.W.A. Anderson,  C.N. Yang


    Plenary speakers (in themes 1 to  8),
    "General" lectures in thematic sessions,
    Possibly more specialized invited lectures (the latter program is
only partial, or not yet announced, in some themes)

      1. Beyond the Standard Model, Strings, Quantum Gravity,...

      G. Ross, A. Sen, A. Strominger
      G. Altarelli, A. Ashtekar, M. Beneke, J. Maldacena, L. Randall,
      P. Townsend, G. Veneziano
      U. Moschella, E. Rabinovici

      2. QCD, Hadron Dynamics,...

      M. Luscher, F. Wilczek
      G. Martinelli, L. McLerran, A. Mueller, A. Slavnov, G. Sterman
      E. Iancu, D. Kharzeev, G. Korchemsky, Y. Kovchegov, S. Peris

      3. Astrophysics and Cosmology

      J. Laskar, A. Linde, J. Silk
      T. Damour, D. Gough, G. Veneziano (see Theme 1), S. White

      4.Statistical Physics

      J. Cardy, D. Fisher
      A. Bray, M. Mezard, B. Nienhuis, D. Ruelle, H. Saleur,
      S. Zamolodchikov
      B. Derrida, Michael Fisher, J. Lebowitz

      5.Condensed Matter Theory

      C. Beenakker, P. Lee
      B. Altshuler, R. Egger, Ma. Fisher, S. Girvin, N. Read
      F.D.M. Haldane

      6. Soft Matter and Biology

      M. Cates, E. Siggia
      R. Bruinsma, F. Julicher, K. Kremer, T. Lubensky
      B. Schraiman, T. Duke, A. Semenov, R. Kamien, A. Maggs

      7.Dynamical Systems and Quantum Chaos

      J. Laskar (see Theme 3)
      P. Coullet, J.P. Keating, A. Kupiainen
      E. Bogolmony, R.S. MacKay, Y. Pomeau

      8. Theoretical Quantum Mechanics

       C. Cohen-Tannoudji, P. Zoller
       G. Baym, S. Girvin (see Theme 5), S. Haroche, A. Steane
       L. Pitaevskii, D. Esteve, Y. Castin


    Interdisciplinary Sessions

      9. Random Matrices and Applications

       I. Kostov, C. Tracy, A. Zabrodin
       J. Ambjorn, S. Hikami, A. Zee

      10. General Formalism and Mathematical Methods

       B. Duplantier, N. Nekrasov, A. Wetterich
       J. Bros, M. Dubois-Violette, L. Faddeev, R. Jackiw,
       H. Knoerrer, W. Metzner, I. Todorov