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Sofia Calero <[log in para visualizar]>
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Foro sobre Fisica Estadistica <[log in para visualizar]>
Tue, 30 Aug 2005 15:10:26 +0200
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The Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) has the following vacancy Ph.D-student:

 Extension of multicomponent molecular fluid transport phenomena (V37.552)  at the group "Laboratory for Separation Technology and Transport Phenomena", Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. Our department aims to generate and to develop technology and scientific knowledge relevant to the long-term needs of society. Scientific inquisitiveness and the use of newly generated knowledge are the main driving forces for the continuing enhancement of the chosen fields of exptertise: Polymer Science, Macro-organic Chemistry, Catalysis and Process Engineering in which the department holds a strong international position. The department consists of 50 permanent academic staff members, 90 postdoctoral researchers, approximately 140 graduate students, 370 undergraduates and 40 trainees on process and product design.   The research project is carried out under grant nr. 700.54.041 of the "Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO), Chemische Wetenschappen", under the ECHO program. In short, the subject can be summarized as: We have shown recently that there is a need to extend the theory of molecular fluid transport phenomena, since the classic theories of Chapman-Enskog, Hirschfelder et al., and Bearman-Kirkwood are only applicable in the limited situation of virtual absence of shearing forces. For dilute, monatomic gases, we have made such an extension through a new solution to the Boltzmann equation. In the proposed research we intend to derive new solutions for polyatomic gases, dense gases and liquids, on the basis of statistical mechanics with the Boltzmann and Liouville equations. Core in our novel approach is the difference in averaged velocities for each species, which is used as a basis for trial functions, contrary to the classic approach where the mass-averaged velocity was used. Attention will be paid to the formulation of slip boundary conditions for mixtures. Also we found that the transport theory from irreversible thermodynamics as formulated by De Groot and Mazur, has inconsistencies. When time allows, we intend to investigate whether a reconciliation with the new theory from statistical mechanics is possible. Also, when time allows, we intend to investigate combination of the new theory with adsorption or reaction at walls.  

As a chemical engineering group, we are interested in molecular transport phenomena, as they influence chemical reaction processes in catalysts, and separations such as membrane, adsorptive and drying processes. Next to the described project we are investigating experimentally and theoretically applications of mass diffusion, and we are setting up multi-component computational fluid dynamics, to be applied in a large variety of applications. We are developing novel mesoscopic simulation methods for the description of transport of entangled polymers on micron-scale. The very deep fundamental effort of the present project is targeted at obtaining very good transport theory, to be used for optimal multi-scale process design.  

As a PhD-student you have an excellent record in your studies of mathematical physics. You have the ability to acquire the methodologies used in statistical mechanics, and in irreversible thermodynamics. You have a proven ability in numerical methods allowing you to evaluate theoretical results in comparison with experimental data.You combine an excellent scientific talent with a sound feeling for applicability in practice. You are creative, and a team player. You have excellent communicative skills, and are fluent in English.  

Appointment and Salary We offer:  
a full-time contract , with an intermediate evaluation after 1 year. You will start with a gross salary of   ? 1877 per month in the first year, increasing to ? 2407 per month in the fourth year. Attractive secondary job conditions  

You can obtain more information with : Piet J.A.M. Kerkhof, Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie, +31-40-247 2973/2850,  e-mail:[log in para visualizar] E.A.J. Frank Peters, Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie, +31-40-247 4922/2850, e-mail:[log in para visualizar] References 1. P.J.A.M. Kerkhof, M.A.M. Geboers, Toward a unified theory of isotropic molecular transport phenomena, AIChE J., 51(1), 79-121, (2005) 2. P.J.A.M. Kerkhof, M.A.M. Geboers, Extension of the theory of multicomponent fluid diffusion, Chemical Engineering Science, 60, 3129-3167, (2005)  

Please send your written application with extended curriculum vitae to: Piet J.A.M. Kerkhof, Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie, +31-40-247 2973/2850,  e-mail:[log in para visualizar]  You can apply for this job before 01-10-2005 



Sofa Calero 
Dpto. Ciencias Ambientales
Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Ctra. de Utrera, Km. 1
41013    Sevilla  (Espaa)

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