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Jose Cuesta Ruiz <[log in para visualizar]>
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M. Leslie
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:02:43 WET
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          CCP5/SMTG Spring School 1998
        Methods in Molecular Simulation
             University of Bristol
               24-31 March 1998

    SMTG Density Functional Theory Workshop
             University of Bristol
                 1 April 1998

The Spring School "Methods in Molecular Simulation" is intended to provide a
grounding in a wide variety of simulation techniques and is aimed at graduate
students starting in the field, although postdoctoral researchers are not
excluded.  A knowledge of Fortran would be highly desirable, and the course
is targetted at those who need to write and/or run their own simulation
programs, or who would benefit from a knowledge of the simulation techniques
and statistical mechanics which underpin molecular modelling packages.
However, it is not intended to provide in-depth training in the use of
particular commercial packages.  The principal lecturers will be
Professors M. P. Allen (Bristol University), J. H. R. Clarke (UMIST),
and D. J. Tildesley (Southampton University), with Dr W. Smith (Daresbury
Laboratory); additional lecturers will cover special topics, there will be
research seminars given by invited speakers, and an extensive programme
of hands-on simulation exercises.

The school is supported by EPSRC's Collaborative Computational Project #5,
and by the Royal Society of Chemistry's Statistical Mechanics and
Thermodynamics Group.  Registration information at

The Royal Society of Chemistry's Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group
will be running a one-day workshop on "Density Functional Theory" on
Wednesday 1 April 1998.  The principal lecturer will be Professor R. Evans.
Numbers will be restricted to ensure that the workshop remains as informal as
possible.  The intention is to give an introduction to, and overview of,
the use of density functional methods in statistical mechanics of condensed
matter (especially fluids), in a format suitable for experimentalists,
simulators and theoreticians from different backgrounds.  Rather than
concentrating on very detailed aspects of the mathematical theory, the
intention is to answer questions like "Why is it good to know about DFT?" and
"What can DFT do for me?".  Registration information at