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Foro sobre Fisica Estadistica <[log in para visualizar]>
Rodolfo Cuerno <[log in para visualizar]>
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Foro sobre Fisica Estadistica <[log in para visualizar]>
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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From: Jim Greer <[log in para visualizar]>

The  NMRC, Ireland has several postdoctoral research and PhD positions
available in the areas of computational modelling, photonics theory,
and condensed matter theory. We seek candidates with a background in
theoretical physics or chemistry, and an interest in scientific computing,
electronic structure theory, semiconductor physics, optoelectronics,
atomic scale simulation, and/or technology computer aided design. Successful
candidates will pursue research projects on the following topics:

* endohedral doping of buckminsterfullerene ([log in para visualizar])
* molecular electronic transport ([log in para visualizar])
* semiconductor/oxide interfaces ([log in para visualizar])
* multi-scale simulation/kinetic Monte Carlo ([log in para visualizar])
* molecular modelling of self-assembled monolayers ([log in para visualizar])
* defect scattering, transport and localization in semiconductor
alloys ([log in para visualizar])
* theory and analysis of nonlinear photonic band gap and nanophotonic
structures ([log in para visualizar])

NMRC is Ireland's largest research centre with a staff of over 240 and
has extensive fabrication, characterisation and computational facilities.
The NMRC hosts over 40 postgraduate students pursuing postgraduate
education in science and engineering on a variety of topics. The NMRC
is active in research in Information & Communication Technologies,
Nanotechnologies  and Biotechnologies. (
There is a large theory and modelling effort ongoing in Cork offering
many opportunities for collaboration and a stimulating research environment.
These acivities include the Computational Modelling Group, the Photonics
Theory Group and University College Cork's
Condensed Matter Theory Group.

NMRC is located in Cork ( and
is a city of with a population of 170,000 (of which about 30,000 are
students), with a compact city centre. The city offers a variety of
entertainment options with lively traditional pubs, cafes and restaurants.
Cork is situated amidst some of Ireland's most scenic regions.

Interested applicants should contact

Dr. Jim Greer - Computational Modelling Group ([log in para visualizar])
Prof. E. O'Reilly - Photonics Theory Group ([log in para visualizar])
Prof. S. Fahy - Photonics Theory Group ([log in para visualizar])

NMRC, University College, Lee Maltings, Prospect Row,
Cork, Ireland

Telephone: +353 21 4904177
FAX:       +353 21 4270271