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Queridos contertulios, creo que este congreso puede ser de interés para algunos de vosotros. Presentamos los últimos avances en la red AGRIS de FAO

Aunque es en inglés, habrá unas salas en otros idiomas como el espanol para recoger las inquietudes de cada una de las comunidades

Un abrazo y siento si me duplico

---------- Mensaje reenviado ----------

Partnering with AGRIS: focus on the AGRIS Network and Country Hubs

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3QjN0m4LY03ykYAQQsG> invites you to the 2022 AGRIS<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3QR44gV8PCLOrAYXkbX> (International System for Agricultural Science and Technology) Virtual Annual Conference.

Organized by the Partnerships and UN Collaboration Division of FAO, the 2022 AGRIS Annual Conference will be held online on Thursday, 7 July, from 13:00 to 16:00 CEST<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3RVCc6BSySckEPLahEv>.

The theme of this year’s conference is partnerships, with a particular focus on the AGRIS Network<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3SsTg1sfquUALs9gLnM> and Country Hubs<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3T0ajWiCi7CQS4xnf73>. After reviewing the news and developments in AGRIS of the past year, this half-day event will outline how organizations can become part of the AGRIS Network and the benefits of doing so, before focusing on a special category of data providers in the Network – AGRIS Country Hubs. A special feature of the conference will be presentations by invited speakers from two Country Hubs.

If you are interested in any of the following, you are strongly encouraged to participate:

  *   Latest news and developments in AGRIS

  *   AGRIS Network – how to join the network and why you should

  *   AGRIS Country Hubs – what they are, their roles and responsibilities, and how to become one

  *   Special presentations by two AGRIS Country Hubs – their experiences and learnings

(While all presentations will be in English, special breakout sessions in the six official FAO languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish – will provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.)

After registering here<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3TxrnR8Z9Kl6YGVtIQk>, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining.

Learn more by watching this video<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3U4IrLZm1n3n5jjAczB>, exploring the AGRIS website<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3UBZvGPISZLDbVHGGiS> or searching the AGRIS database<http://newsletters.faoorg/c/146T3V9gzBG5KCtTiy5Na29>.

FAO recognizes that to defeat hunger and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3VGxDwwsCfc9patTDLq>, knowledge is key and sharing it is vital. As the world’s population grows, the climate changes and people increasingly migrate from rural areas to cities, global food and agriculture systems will need to transform to be able to provide everyone with enough safe and nutritious food.

Access to scientific knowledge, research and information about food and agriculture is crucial for this transformation to happen sustainably, in a way that safeguards both livelihoods and the environment. AGRIS promotes access to this knowledge, research and information.

Coordinated by FAO since 1974, AGRIS is a global information service that promotes free access to the knowledge needed to defeat hunger. AGRIS is composed of two main elements – a multilingual database and a network of organizations. The database contains 14 million bibliographic records on food and agricultural literature in more than 90 languages (as of June 2022) and is free-to-use via a search interface. A network of organizations, known as data providers, contributes the bibliographic information in the database, which is updated periodically.

Learn more<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3WdOHrmPtRUpvMS07uH>
See online version<http://newsletters.fao.org/q/114bkQeUMpY7UhtQ2GQ/wv>

For more information visit: fao.org/agris<http://newsletters.fao.org/c/146T3WL5LmdcluCFCpg6BdY>

or contact us at: [log in para visualizar]