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Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:48:42 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: NATO ASI - Nonequilibrium systems
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Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:35:32 -0600 (CST)

Dear Colleague:

Henk van Beijeren, Bob Dorfman, Jean-Pierre Hansen, Matthieu Ernst, Ted
Kirkpatrick, and I are organizing a NATO Advanced Study Institute that focuses
on Dynamics, the specific themes being Brownian Motion, Dynamical Systems,
Granular Flows, and Quantum Kinetic Theory.

This ASI has been designated as a satellite conference to STATPHYS 20, and
will follow upon it, in Leiden, from July 27 to August 7.  Attached are a
program description and application form.  Please bring notice of this
conference to the attention of colleagues and students and encourage those to
apply who would benefit from participation.

Information updates will appear on our web page at

Preference on scholarship and grant funds will be given to early applications.

Kind regards,
John Karkheck

                       NATO Advanced Study Institute

                       Models and Kinetic Methods for
                     Non-equilibrium Many Body Systems

                     Satellite Conference to STATPHYS20

                          July 27 - August 7, 1998
                          Leiden, The Netherlands


                                Main Themes

                               Brownian Motion
                              Dynamical Systems
                               Granular Flows
                           Quantum Kinetic Theory


Organizing Committee

Prof. H. van Beijeren (Utrecht U. Netherlands)(Director)
Prof. J.R. Dorfman (U. of Maryland USA)
Prof. M.H. Ernst (Utrecht U. Netherlands)
Prof. J.P. Hansen (Cambridge U. UK)
Prof. J. Karkheck (Marquette U. USA)
Prof. T.R. Kirkpatrick (U. of Maryland USA)

The past years have seen a resurgence of the kinetic theory approach to
dynamical many-body problems that was developed by Boltzmann,
Maxwell, Smoluchowsky, Enskog, Chapman and others at the end of the
last and the beginning of the present century. Modern kinetic theory offers
a unifying theoretical framework within which a great variety of
seemingly unrelated physical systems that exhibit complex dynamical
behavior can be explored in a coherent manner. For example, these
methods are being applied in such diverse areas as the dynamics of
colloidal supensions, flows of granular material, transport of electrons in
mesoscopic systems and the calculation of Lyapunov exponents and other
characteristic properties of classical many-body systems that are
categorized by chaotic behavior. In each of these areas there are a fairly
small number of experts who grasp the intricacies and subtle technicalities
of modern kinetic theory with its omnipresent divergences that have to be
removed through resummation techniques. We have assembled
distinguished researchers in the four fields mentioned already: Dynamical
Systems Theory, Brownian Motion, Granular Flows, and Quantum Kinetic
Theory, who have agreed to lecture and participate in this ASI. First of all
this will offer young scientists an opportunity to learn about kinetic theory
methods in a variety of contexts, as well as about the types of results that
can be achieved by them. In addition, also quite importantly, this will
enable researchers from various disciplines to learn from each other and,
perhaps, will inspire them into new cooperations and new ways of doing
their research.



The ASI will be organized as follows: On each of the four subjects one
principal lecturer will give an overview in two or three one hour talks and
others will lecture on their specific field of expertise. In order to reach
a satisfactory coverage of each subject area we are aiming for ten one hour
talks on each area. Ample time will be provided after each lecture for
discussion. In addition, separate poster sessions will be scheduled in the
evenings for each subfield.


List of Speakers

Brownian Motion

Dr. L. Bocquet (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon France)
Prof. B. Cichocki (Warsaw U. Poland)
Dr. I.M. de Schepper (Delft U. Netherlands)
Dr. J.K.G. Dhont (U. Utrecht Netherlands)
Prof. B.U. Felderhof (RWTH Germany)
Prof. J.P. Hansen (Cambridge U. UK)
Prof. A.J.C. Ladd (U. of Florida USA)

Dynamical Systems

Prof. N. Chernov (U. of Alabama/Birmingham USA)
Prof. E.G.D. Cohen (Rockefeller U. USA)
Prof. J.R. Dorfman (U. of Maryland USA)
Prof. H. Posch (U. Wien Austria)
Prof. Y. Sinai (Princeton U. USA)
Prof. H. van Beijeren (Utrecht U. Netherlands)

Granular Flows

Prof. J. Brey (Seville U. Spain)
Prof. I. Goldhirsch (Tel Aviv U. Israel)
Prof. J.M. Huntley (Loughborough U. UK)
Prof. J.T. Jenkins (Cornell U. USA)
Dr. S. Mc Namara (U. Stuttgart, Germany)
Prof. J. Piasecki (Warsaw U. Poland)

Quantum Kinetic Theory

Prof. D. Belitz (U. of Oregon USA)
Prof. J. Dufty (U. of Florida USA)
Prof. P. Gaspard (U. Libre de Bruxelles Belgium)
Dr. V.L. Gurevich (Ioffe Inst. Russia)
Prof. T.R. Kirkpatrick (U. of Maryland USA)

Round Table Chairmen

Prof. E.H. Hauge (NTNU Norway)
Prof. J. Karkheck (Marquette U. USA)



The dates for this ASI are July 27 - August 7 (10 full working days). They
are chosen just after the STATPHYS20 meeting in Paris, from which
Leiden is within easy reach by train (TGV connection). The organizers of
the STATPHYS meeting have kindly agreed to allow us the status of an
official Satellite Meeting of this conference.



The ASI will be held in the new Lorentz Center in Leiden (The Netherlands),
which,in addition to having main lecture facilities, dining hall, and
availing of sleeping quarters in the nearby center of Leiden, will offer
excellent facilities for informal discussion sessions and get-togethers,
which we plan to encourage strongly.



Participants are asked to include with the application form, which appears
below, a curriculum vitae and a list of recent publications. Young
researchers and Ph. D. students are also required to present a letter of
recommendation.  Applications are to be sent to the address below.
Preference will be given to applications received by 30 April 1998.



The participation fee is currently estimated to be about 1350 Dutch
Guilders (approx. 625 U.S. Dollars) including food and lodging, with an
additional 100 Guilders for excursions.



Prof. H. van Beijeren
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Utrecht University
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Fax: 31 30 253 1137
Email: [log in para visualizar]



                       NATO Advanced Study Institute

 "Dynamics: Models and Kinetic Methods for Nonequilibrium Many-Body Systems"
  July 27 - August 7, 1998 at the Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands

Name (please print or type) _______________________________________________

Professional address ______________________________________________________



Title or position _________________________________________________________

Country of citizenship ____________________________________________________

Research interests ________________________________________________________




Conference themes of interest, check all that apply:
        Granular flows ____     Dynamical systems ____
        Brownian motion ____    Quantum kinetic theory ____

Are you interested in making a poster presentation?  yes ____  no ____
If yes, on the subject(s) _________________________________________________


How will attending the Dynamics ASI benefit you scientifically? ___________





Do you plan to attend STATPHYS 20 in Paris the week before the Dynamics ASI?
        yes ____  no ____

Do you have a source for travel and housing funds?    yes ____  no _____

     Explain ______________________________________________________________

Anticipated costs:  room and board - Hfl. 1350 (appr. U.S. $625 )   social
        program - Hfl. 100

Housing and travel subsidies are available for students from NATO and
NATO partner countries. Limited scholarships are available for other students.

Estimated subsidy needed for travel _________  for room and board _________

Forward this application form, a complete curriculum vitae, including a
list of recent publications, and, for young researchers or advanced Ph.D.
students, a letter of recommendation to the Dynamics ASI Director:

                Prof. dr. Henk van Beijeren
                Institute for Theoretical Physics
                Utrecht University
                Princetonplein 5
                3584 CC Utrecht
                The Netherlands

e-mail: [log in para visualizar]
FAX: 31 30 253 1137

Nato Member and Cooperation Partner countries:
Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg,
The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States,
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia,
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