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Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 10:57:19 +0100
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Feliz ano a todos!:

  Con renovadas esperanzas e impulsos iniciamos el nuevo ano y el
mejor modo es sacandole provecho. Por ello os re-envio un mensaje que
he recibido sobre una exposicion sobre modelos e instrumentos de
orientacion. Espero que os sirva.

 Un Saludo

  Francisco Aliaga

---------- Forwarded message ----------

May we draw your attention to CRUI initiative:
an Exhibition-Conference on models and instruments for university
Udine, 18 - 19 - 20 February 1998

For further information please look at our web site:

(The languages of the Conference are Italian/English/French.
Simultaneous translation only in plenary sessions)

Kindest regards,
Carmine Marinucci



In recent years, a specific Commission of the delegates of the
Rectors of Italian Universities
has drawn up three documents on advising students on the choice of a
university, on tutoring
and on career guidance. These were approved by the Conference of
Rectors (CRUI) and
published in the 1995 Report of the Ministry for Universities and
Scientific and Techological
Research (MURST).
These documents have formed the basis, in Italian universities, for
the activation and
development of projects, services, initiatives, and individual
Various forms of orientation and back-up material for the orientation
have been organised
throughout Italy in very different ways concerning organisation,
context, methods and
There is a wide spectrum of materials and experiences.
It therefore seemed necessary to compare these initiatives so as to
identify the potential and
limits of each, suggesting ways of intervening which will prepare
that evaluation of orientation
which will answer the main problems of the educational process at the
point of entering and
leaving university.
The Commission therefore proposed staging an Exhibition-Conference to
examine the
materials produced according to their specific characteristics, to
discuss orientation projects
already carried out with the participation of experts in the fields
of communications,
counselling and education, on a national and international level.
The Conference of Rectors (CRUI) has approved the initiative and has
entrusted it to the
University of Udine, which proposed the idea to the MURST. It is one
of the initiatives for
orientation in the academic year 1997-98.



To constructively evaluate project and products, orientation
initiatives and actions on a
national level with reference to the most significant European
experiences and in the prospect
of structures for orientation on a national level.


To achieve an operational coordination of those responsible for
orientation projects in the
fields of education, production and tertiary within the territory, by
means of an institutional link.


To improve orientation in order to reduce drop-out rates and more
efficiently organize the
didactic services offered by the universities.

The European Union recognises that people are its resources for the
future, and the proper
education of individuals is a basic need. It is clear how important
orientation is for successful
education. The most recent indications and directives from the
Ministries for universities and
schools respectively, and the evaluations from the MURST, CRUI,
Students' representatives
and Trade Unions perceive this need and give orientation a strategic
value in development.
Specific contributions to support orientation are expected from the
Ministries according to
local activities. As universities become autonomous, there will be
more innovation in university
organisation and didactics, to give an educational continuity. This
will involve the school
system too, its autonomy and the planned reform of the school cycles

Educational continuity and didactic innovation are problems with
which the Conference is
closely concerned.


The Conference is technical and scientific, addressed to those
responsible for orientation
services and activities in universities, bodies for the right to
study, school boards, schools,
regional and other local authorities. It is expected that experts of
a national and international
level will be present.
Thus it will be possible to produce documents which will be useful to
create orientation
projects for the universities, and to evaluate the projects.
During the Conferencethere will be an Exhibition of the materials for
orientation which have
already been sent to Udine by many universities. The Exhibition is
organised as a function of
the Conference, and relates to analysis rather than to individual


Rectors and their delegates for orientation, tutoring, communication,
didactics, international
Regional Bodies for the Right to Study, IRRSAE, Education
Technicians and administrators of the above services for visiting the
Exhibition, participating
in the Conference, and experiencing education in an explorative
Directors of offices or projects and national plans concerning
orientation in the different
Ministries and bodies involved. Centres and groups of didactic

Activities of the conference

Activities of the Conference

A. Speeches by experts:

1.On a national level about problems concerning:
?Basic guidance theories ; ?Planning, checking and evaluating the
orientation activities and
didactic innovations; ?Communication; ?Evaluation; ?Teacher training;
?Problems emerging
from past experiences;
2.On an international level, on the topic of the school-university
link, school and university
services for student orientation: Italian experiences in a European
context, French, Belgian,
English and German experiences.

 B. Round tables on general organisational problems and institutional
relationships and on
relationships with the employment sector.<Immagine: C>Visit to the
Exhibition, guided by
experts along thematic lines.<Immagine: D>Thematic study groups in
parallel sessions: two
modules of 4-6 groups.


It is hoped that the following topics will be discussed. Probably,
however, there will not be
time for all, and topics will be chosen, according to applications
received, to stimulate a fruitful
 1>University data: characteristics of the students, their background
and services
available2>Relationships among institutions for a system of
orientation on a national scale.
3>New technologies and their role in orientation. 4>Educational
guidance and didactic
continuity: discussion of the role of the various aspects of
orientation such as:

?Decision-making processes. ?Cognitive strategies. ?Context and
adaptation thereto. ?Basic
skills. ?Self-evaluation.

Analysis of motivation and vocation problems, of the informative and
cultural roles of
orientation to distinguish skills and stages in knowledge, in
collaboration with the secondary
school teachers.

 5>Educational guidance in universities to reduce the drop-out rate,
to cut graduation times,
to improve didactics in the Diploma, Degree and Doctorate courses.
Tutoring. 6>Orientation
for work. Extra-curricular initiatives, structured meetings with
professional workers, didactic
activities on site (laboratories, study groups, simulations) and off
site (stages, guided visits to
work places etc.).7>Links with industry, career prospects for
graduates and Diploma holders.
Career guidance. 8>Materials and methods for consultation and self-
assessment. Interactive
programmes, questionnaires, opportunities and premises for
consultation and for
self-assessment. Selected entry and the new references for students.
9>Permanent, recurrent
and long-distance learning, the role and function of orientation
therein. 10>Orientation for
abroad, orientation abroad.: 11>Evaluation of orientation plans and
actions at university:
identification of indicators which also consider the organisational
changes taking place in
universities. 12>Re-organization of study courses as a function of
orientation.13>Pre-enrolments and the school-university link.
14>Orientation for and in diploma

In your preliminary application form, , Please
refer to this list to indicate the topics you are interested in/you
wish to contribute to.

Further information and correspondence:

Marisa Michelini or
Alessandra Missana

Orientation Center (CORT) of Udine University,
via delle Scienze 208,
I-33100 UDINE, Italy

E-mails: [log in para visualizar] or [log in para visualizar]

tel. ++39-432-556215, ++39-338-7882745
fax ++ 39 432 511356

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Un saludo

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