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Training offered by the School of Infant Mental Health
School of Infant Mental Health
Training programme
Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Certificate courses
CPD Webinars
Applications for Diploma and Cedrtificate courses now being accepted
for January 2022
See below for details of monthly webinars in November and December
All courses and webinars are open to UK and international applicants
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Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapy helps the parent and infant
couple to form a strong basis for the infant’s future development.
Our psychoanalytic approach brings a deep understanding of that
relationship and of its effect upon the infant’s developing inner
world. By working with the parent-infant couple we provide an early
intervention which is an essential key to preventing later, more
intractable problems.
This is the only training in this modality that is recognised by the
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.
Our course provides a thorough training in Parent Infant
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
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for more information
Certificate courses
The School of Infant Mental Health offers certificate courses in
psychoanalysis, infant development and infant observation. Our
certificate courses are ideal for ongoing professional development or
to add towards a portfolio of training
These seminars are drawn from the School’s full professional
training in parent infant psychoanalytic psychotherapy and can be
counted towards that training at a later date.
British psychoanalysis – 3 terms
Fifteen seminars introduce key concepts drawn from British schools of
psychoanalysis, including the theories of Melanie Klein, Donald
Winnicott, and object relations and attachment theory.
Infant Development – 3 terms
Fifteen seminars look at the development of the infant in the months
following birth, topics include the emergence of infant experience and
perinatal challenges.
Infant Observation – 1 or 2 years
The close and regular observation of an infant is recognised as a
powerful tool in deepening an understanding of early development and
of the roots of adult mental life. Participants' observations are
discussed in fortnightly seminars.
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for more information.
Monthly webinars
The School offers a monthly series of on-line webinars. Each is held
on a Saturday morning 10.30-12pm. The cost is £35 per webinar.
Nov 6th 2021 Resparking from Neglect and other shut-down states
Graham Music
The challenge of working with learned helplessness and dissociation.
The early roots of unreachable states, including neurobiological and
attachment problems, will be discussed, as well as how to work to
redevelop more hopeful states, and how this needs to be informed by
the practitioner's own felt embodiment and its use in sessions.
Dec 4th 2021 Culturally Informed Infant Mental Health Practice
Yvonne Osafo and Anna Godfrey
This seminar provides an opportunity to identify unconscious bias and
reflect on how it may be present in our therapeutic practice. Yvonne
and Anna will offer their perspective of culturally sensitive
practise, so that participants can meaningfully apply the learning to
their own work with parents, infants and young children.
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for more information
For more information please visit www.infantmentalhealth.com
email [log in para visualizar]
or call us on +44 20 7433 3112
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The Parent Infant Centre
The Parent Infant Centre is located in North London and is a place for
parents to turn to when they are worried about their infant, child or
The Centre includes:
The Parent Infant Clinic, which provides a full range of child
psychotherapy, parent infant psychotherapy and related therapies, such
as music therapy and paediatric physiotherapy.
The School of Infant Mental Health, which delivers professional
training in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and a range of
courses in topics related to infant mental health. All of the School's
courses are available online.
For more information please visit www.infantmentalhealth.com
email [log in para visualizar]
or call us on +44 20 7433 3112