Economía de la Salud


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Health Economics Vol. 12(8) August 2003

Contents of Health Economics Vol. 12(8) August 2003

PG 609
AU Smith, R.D.
TI Construction of the contingent valuation market in health care: a
critical assessment

PG 629
AU Brouwer, W.B.F. and Rutten, F.F.H.
TI The missing link: on the line between C and E

PG 637
AU Burstrom, K., Johannesson, M. and Diderichsen, F.
TI The value of the change in health in Sweden 1980/81 to 1996/97

PG 655
AU Spencer, A.
TI The TTO method and procedural invariance

PG 669
AU Jacobs, R. and Dawson, D.
TI Hospital efficiency targets

PG 685
AU Gupta, S., Verhoeven, M. and Tiongson, E.
TI Public spending on health care and the poor

PG 697
AU Petrou, S.
TI Methodological issues raised by preference-based approaches to
measuring the health status of children


Journal: Journal of Health Economics
ISSN   : 0167-6296
Volume : 22
Issue  : 5
Date   : Sep-2003

For more information about this journal visit:

Table of Contents:

Inside front cover-Editorial Board
pp CO2

The effect of urban hospital closure on markets
R.C. Lindrooth, A.T. Lo Sasso, G.J. Bazzoli
pp 691-712

Exploring the health-wealth nexus
J. Meer, D.L. Miller, H.S. Rosen
pp 713-730

The integration of claims to health-care: a programming approach
P. Anand
pp 731-745

A low-key social insurance reform-effects of multidisciplinary
outpatient treatment for back pain patients in Norway
A. Aakvik, T.H. Holmas, E. Kjerstad
pp 747-762

Supply-side cost sharing when patients and doctors collude
R. Vaithianathan
pp 763-780

The opportunity costs of informal care: does gender matter?
F. Carmichael, S. Charles
pp 781-803

The effect of comorbidities on treatment decisions
H. Bleichrodt, D. Crainich, L. Eeckhoudt
pp 805-820

Estimating price elasticities when there is smuggling: the
sensitivity of smoking to price in Canada
J. Gruber, A. Sen, M. Stabile
pp 821-842

The impact of tobacco control program expenditures on aggregate
cigarette sales: 1981-2000
M.C. Farrelly, T.F. Pechacek, F.J. Chaloupka
pp 843-859

Parental involvement laws and fertility behavior
P.B. Levine
pp 861-878


Journal: Health Policy
ISSN   : 0168-8510
Volume : 65
Issue  : 3
Date   : Sep-2003

For more information about this journal visit:

Table of Contents:

Editorial Board
pp CO2

Towards a new welfare state: the social sustainability principle and
health care strategies
J. Garces, F. Rodenas, V. Sanjose
pp 201 - 215

Health care policy: qualitative evidence and health technology
M. Leys
pp 217 - 226

Development of integrated care in England and the Netherlands -
Managing across public-private boundaries
I. Mur-Veeman, B. Hardy, M. Steenbergen, G. Wistow
pp 227 - 241

Should general practitioners purchase health care for their patients?
The total purchasing experiment in Britain
S. Wyke, N. Mays, A. Street, G. Bevan, H. McLeod, N. Goodwin
pp 243 - 259

Modifications of health resource-use in Italy after the introduction
of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) for human
immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Pharmaco-economic
implications in a population-based setting
C. Torti, S. Casari, L. Palvarini, E. Quiros-Roldan, F. Moretti, L.
Leone, A. Patroni, F. Castelli, D. Ripamonti, A. Tramarin, G. Carosi,
the PEC Study Group
pp 261 - 267

A prospective multicenter study of the effect of patient education on
acceptability of generic prescribing in general practice
J.-A. Valles, M. Barreiro, G. Cereza, J.-J. Ferro, M.-J. Martinez,
J.-M. Escriba, B. Iglesias, E. Cucurull, E. Barcelo, Generic Drug
Study Group
pp 269 - 275

Determinants of child mortality in LDCs - Empirical findings from
demographic and health surveys
L. Wang
pp 277 - 299

Access to drug therapy and substitution between alternative
antidepressants following an expansion of the California medicaid
J.S. McCombs, L. Shi, T.W. Croghan, G.L. Stimmel
pp 301 - 311

International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics
September 2003, Volume 3, Issue 3

pp. 147-166    Unexpected Yes- and No-Answering Behaviour in the Discrete
Choice Approach to Elicit Willingness to Pay: A Methodological Comparison
with Payment Cards
Thomas Hammerschmidt, Hans-Peter Zeitler, Reiner Leidl

pp. 167-181    Chronic Illness, Treatment Choice and Workforce
Richard A. Hirth, Michael E. Chernew, Marc N. Turenne, Mark V. Pauly, Sean
M. Orzol, Philip J. Held

pp. 183-205    Differential Pricing for Pharmaceuticals: Reconciling
Access, R&D and Patents
Patricia M. Danzon, Adrian Towse

pp. 207-224    Setting Prices for New Vaccines (in Advance)
Thomas G. McGuire

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