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International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics

June 2003, Volume 3, Issue 2
pp. 79-93    Payment Policy and Inefficient Benefits in the Medicare+Choice
Steven D. Pizer, Austin B. Frakt, Roger Feldman

pp. 95-116    Managed Care and Employer Premiums
Michael A. Morrisey, Gail A. Jensen, Jon Gabel

pp. 117-138    Consumer Price Sensitivity and Social Health Insurer Choice
in Germany and the Netherlands
Frederik T. Schut, Stefan Gre, Juergen Wasem

International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics
March 2003, Volume 3, Issue 1

Informamos nuevamente de este ejemplar por estar ahora disponible de libre
acceso en la red

pp. 5-23    Using Auctions for Contracting with Hospitals When Quality
Michel Mougeot, Florence Naegelen

pp. 25-51    Hospital Competition, GP Fundholders and Waiting Times in the
UK Internal Market: The Case of Elective Surgery
Ana Xavier

pp. 53-71    Optimal Commodity Taxation with Moral Hazard and Unobservable
Gerard Russo

Journal of Health Economics

Volume 22, Issue 3, Pages 331-520 (May 2003)

Moral hazard and adverse selection in Australian private hospitals: 1989
1990, Pages 331-359
Elizabeth Savage and Donald J. Wright

 Choices, beliefs, and infectious disease dynamics, Pages 361-377
M. Christopher Auld

 Take some days off, why don't you?: Endogenous sick leave and pay, Pages
John Douglas Sktun

Practice variation and physician-specific effects, Pages 403-418
Jostein Grytten and Rune Srensen

 Cream-skimming, incentives for efficiency and payment system, Pages 419-
Pedro Pita Barros

The validity of time trade-off values in calculating QALYs: constant
proportional time trade-off versus the proportional heuristic, Pages 445-
Paul Dolan and Peep Stalmeier

Self-selection and moral hazard in Chilean health insurance, Pages 459-476
Claudio Sapelli and Bernardita Vial

Maternal employment and overweight children, Pages 477-504
Patricia M. Anderson, Kristin F. Butcher and Phillip B. Levine

A note on the effect of unemployment on mortality, Pages 505-518
Ulf-G. Gerdtham and Magnus Johannesson

The European Journal of Health Economics
Table of Contents Vol. 4 Issue 1

W. Kulp , W. Greiner , J.-M. von der Schulenburg :
editorial: The fourth hurdle as controlling instrument for expenditure on
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 1-5

D. Coyle, E. Grunfeld, G. Wells:
original papers: The assessment of the economic return from controlled
clinical trials
A framework applied to clinical trials of colorectal cancer follow-up
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 6-11

C. Franois, M. Toumi, A.-M. Aakhus, K. Hansen:
original papers: A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of escitalopram, a new
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Comparison of cost-effectiveness between escitalopram, citalopram,
fluoxetine,and venlafaxine for the treatment of depression in Norway
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 12-19

L. Di Matteo:
original papers: The income elasticity of health care spending
A comparison of parametric and nonparametric approaches
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 20-29

C. Le Pen, G. Priol, H. Lilliu:
original papers: What criteria for pharmaceuticals reimbursement?
An empirical analysis of the evaluation of "medical service rendered" by
reimbursable drugs in France
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 30-36

P. Lindgren, B. Jnsson, J. DuChane:
original papers: The cost-effectiveness of early cabergoline treatment
compared to levodopa in Sweden
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 37-42

T. Mittendorf, S. Merkesdal, J. L. Huelsemann, J.-M. von der Schulenburg,
H. Zeidler, J. Ruof:
original papers: Implementing standardized cost categories within economic
evaluations in musculoskeletal diseases
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 43-49

G. Kobelt, L. Jnsson, S. Fredrikson:
original papers: Cost-utility of interferon <beta>1b in the treatment of
patients with active relapsing-remitting or secondary progressive multiple
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 50-59

K. Mller Pedersen:
pricing and reimbursement systems in europe: Pricing and reimbursement of
drugs in Denmark
Eur J Health Econom 4 (2003) 1, 60-65

Health Economics
Volume 12, Issue 6, 2003.

 431-451   Estimation of the determinants of household health care
expenditures in Nepal with controls for endogenous illness and provider
Jeffrey J. Rous, David R. Hotchkiss

 453-464   A preliminary investigation of the effects of restrictions on
Medicaid funding for abortions on female STD rates
Bisakha Sen

 465-478   The labour market for nursing: a review of the labour supply
Emanuela Antonazzo, Anthony Scott, Diane Skatun, Robert. F. Elliott

 479-491   Conjoint analysis. The cost variable: an Achilles' heel?
Ulla Slothuus Skjoldborg, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen

 493-504   The efficiency of health production: re-estimating the WHO panel
data using parametric and non-parametric approaches to provide additional
Bruce Hollingsworth, John Wildman

 505-510   The person trade-off method and the transitivity principle: an
example from preferences over age weighting
Paul Dolan, Aki Tsuchiya

 511-516   A note on the decomposition of the health concentration index
Philip M. Clarke, Ulf-G Gerdtham, Luke B. Connelly
Abstract     PDF Full Text (Size: 99K)


Health Economics
Volume 12, Issue 7, 2003.

 517-527   Design and analysis of unit cost estimation studies: How many
hospital diagnoses? How many countries?
Henry A. Glick, Sean M. Orzol, Joseph F. Tooley, Daniel Polsky, Josephine
O. Mauskopf

 529-544   Logical inconsistencies in survey respondents' health state
valuations - a methodological challenge for estimating social tariffs
Nancy J. Devlin, Paul Hansen, Paul Kind, Alan Williams

 545-551   An inquiry into the different perspectives that can be used when
eliciting preferences in health
Paul Dolan, Jan Abel Olsen, Paul Menzel, Jeff Richardson

 553-564   Health-seeking behaviour and rural/urban variation in Kazakhstan
Robin Thompson, Nigel Miller, Sophie Witter

 565-586   Price elasticity and pharmaceutical selection: the influence of
managed care
Marisa Elena Domino, David S. Salkever

 587-599   Demand for private health insurance: how important is the
quality gap?
Joan Costa, Jaume Garcia

 601-608   Allocating health care resources when people are risk averse
with respect to life time
Michael Hoel

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