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SHORT COURSES IN QUANTITATIVE METHODS AT LANCASTER UNIVERSITY  for Statisticians, Scientists, Social Scientists, and Health Researchers    
Adaptive and Bayesian Methods                 
7th - 10th Mar 2016

Genomics Technologies and Data Analyses                                         
11th Mar 2016

Modelling Data in SPSS (SPSS II) [Please note date change]        
17th - 18th Mar 2016

Structural Equation Modelling                                                                  
18th - 19th Apr 2016

Multilevel Models                                                                                          
27th - 28th Apr 2016

Methods for Missing Data                                                                           
4th - 5th May 2016

Methods for Analysing Crime Data                                                          
18th - 19th May 2016

Designing Phase I Dose Escalation Studies                                           
6th Jun 2016
To book a place and for more details, please go to:

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