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Thu, 8 Feb 2018 20:53:26 +0100
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The application system to submit a paper to the 2018 Barcelona GSE Summer Forum workshops is open until February 28, 2018.

The 2018 Summer Forum will take place on June 11-22 at a new venue in Barcelona, in Casa Convalescència, It consist of 28 workshops covering a wide range of topics. 

The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2018.

Week 1 (June 11-15)
•	Consumer Search and Switching Costs (June 11-12). Organizers: Maarten Janssen, José Luis Moraga-González, Helena Perrone, Vaiva Petrikaite and Sandro Shelegia.
•	Economic Analysis of Electoral Politics (June 11). Organizers: Gianmarco León, Maria Petrova and Giacomo Ponzetto.
•	Migration (June 11-12). Organizers: Lídia Farré, Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Albrecht Glitz, André Gröger and Joan Llull.
•	Networks: Information, Contracts, and Communities (June 11-12). Organizers: Ben Golub, Matthew O. Jackson, Pau Milán and Tomás Rodríguez-Barraquer.
•	Firms in the Global Economy (June 12-13). Organizers: Andrea Caggese, Vasco Carvalho, Julian di Giovanni, Christian Fons-Rosen, Manuel García-Santana and Carolina Villegas-Sanchez.
•	Political Institutions (June 12-13). Organizers: Ruben Durante, Ruben Enikolopov and Giacomo Ponzetto.
•	Advances in Micro Development Economics (June 14-15). Organizers: Giacomo De Giorgi, André Gröger, Gianmarco León, Rohini Pande, Alessandro Tarozzi and Dean Yang.
•	Economic Growth and Fluctuations (June 14-15). Organizers: David Lagakos, Kurt Mitman, Ludo Visschers and Raül Santaeulàlia-Llopis.
•	Economics of Science and Innovation (June 14-15). Organizers: Albert Banal-Estañol, Inés Macho-Stadler and David Pérez-Castrillo.
•	Geography, Economic Policy and Political Structure (June 14). Organizers: David Nagy, Giacomo Ponzetto and Jaume Ventura.
•	Monetary Policy and Central Banking (June 14-15). Organizers: Davide Debortoli, Luca Fornaro, Jordi Galí, Michael McMahon and Francisco Ruge-Murcia.
•	Organizational Economics (June 14-15). Organizers: Benito Arruñada, Miguel Espinosa, Luis Garicano and Giorgio Zanarone.
•	Time Series Econometrics and Applications for Macroeconomics and Finance (June 14-15). Organizers: Majid Al-Sadoon, Christian Brownlees, Geert Mesters and Barbara Rossi.
•	Data Science for Economics (June 15). Organizers: Stephen Hansen and Omiros Papaspiliopoulos.

Week 2 (June 18-22)
•	Children’s health, well-being, and human capital formation (June 18-19). Organizers: Libertad González, Gabriella Conti, Meltem Daysal, Kjell Salvanes and Hannes Schwandt.
•	Geography, Trade and Growth (June 18-19). Organizers: Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Gino Gancia, Dávid Nagy and Giacomo Ponzetto.
•	High-Dimensional Statistics and Random Structures (June 18-19). Organizers: Christian Brownlees, Caroline Uhler and Piotr Zwiernik.
•	International Capital Flows (June 18-19). Organizers: Fernando Broner, Aitor Erce, Luca Fornaro and Alberto Martín.
•	Stochastic Choice (June 18-19). Organizers: José Apesteguía and Miguel Ángel Ballester.
•	Towards Sustained Economic Growth: Geography, Institutions, and Human Capital (June 18-19). Organizers: Omar Licandro, Luigi Pascali and Joachim Voth.
•	Bounded Rationality, Cognition and Strategic Uncertainty (June 19-20). Organizers: Larbi Alaoui and Antonio Penta.
•	External Validity, Generalizability and Replicability of Economic Experiments (June 19-20). Organizers: Matteo M. Galizzi and Daniel Navarro-Martínez.
•	Asset Prices, Finance and Macroeconomics (June 20-22). Organizers: Vladimir Asriyan, Andrea Cagesse, Alberto Martín and Jaume Ventura.
•	Structural Microeconometrics (June 20-21). Organizer: Joan Llull.
•	Uncertainty in Macro and Finance (June 20-21). Organizers: Isaac Baley and Edouard Schaal.
•	A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union (June 21-22). Organizers: Joachim Jungherr, Ramon Marimon and Hugo Rodríguez Mendizábal.
•	Applied Industrial Organizations (June 21-22). Organizers: Susanna Esteban, Rosa Ferrer, Christian Michel, Helena Perrone and Carlos J. Serrano.
•	Digital Economics (June 21-22). Organizers: Matthew Ellman, Sjaak Hurkens and Sandro Shelegia.

More information: