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Demian Francisco Levis Sotomayor <[log in para visualizar]>
Mon, 27 Jan 2020 11:19:02 +0000
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Dear all,

We are glad to announce the Interdisciplinary Challenges in Non-Equilibrium Physics workshop, taking place from the 30th March to 03rd April 2020 at the Erwin Schrdinger Institute (ESI) in Vienna, Austria.

Out-of-equilibrium processes are essential for life: when they stop, a living organism is simply dead! More generally, the research on nonequilibrium phenomena is at the intersection of several disciplines: from biology to statistical mechanics, polymer physics and materials science. Understanding the physical principles governing non-equilibrium phenomena is one of the toughest problems of our times, whose solution still remains largely elusive.

In this workshop, we will overview the most recent advances brought to us directly by the early career researchers that contributed to their development.

It will be an exceptional occasion to discover new phenomena, methods and approaches and build and strengthen collaborations amongst early career researchers working across the following areas:

 Biophysics and polymer physics
 Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
 Disordered materials and glasses
 Active matter

The workshop is funded by ESI and the Centre Europen de Calcul Atomique et Molculaire (CECAM). In order to apply, please compile the form at the following address

We especially invite PhD students and Postdocs to attend. Poster contributions are welcome with a potential selection for additional short talks. The number of particitants is limited by the capacity of the venue, so apply now!

For questions or enquiries, do not hesitate to contact any of the organisers.

All the best,

the Organisers

Emanuele Locatelli (Vienna)
Jan Smrek (Vienna)
Demian Levis (Barcelona)
Francesco Turci (Bristol)


List of confirmed speakers:

 Polymers and biohysics:
Chris Brackley (Edinburgh)
Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich (Dresden)
Anton Goloborodko (Vienna)
Davide Michieletto (Bath)
Thomas OConnor (Albuquerque)

 Active matter
Clara Abaurrea-Velasco (Amsterdam)
Laura Filion (Utrecht)
Pau Guillamat (Geneva)
Benno Liebchen (Darmstadt)
Sophie Ramananarivo (Paris)
Anton Souslov (Bath)
Andreas Zttl (Vienna)

 Disordered materials, metastability and glasses
Stefano Buzzaccaro (Milan)
Eric De Giuli (Toronto)
Corrado Rainone (Amsterdam)
Valentina Ros (Paris)
Camille Scalliet (Cambridge)
Priya Subramanian (Oxford)
Domenico Truzzolillo (Montpellier)

 Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
Gianmaria Falasco (Luxembourg)
Laura Foini (Saclay)
Paolo Malgaretti (Stuttgart)
Helena Massana-Cid (Barcelona)
Izaak Neri (London)
Patrick Pietzonka (Cambridge)
Gatien Verley (Paris)

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