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Hola, os envio este anuncio de postdoc (en LATeX) por si es de interes a
alguno de los subscritos a la lista.  Saludos y hasta pronto.
                          Emilio Hernandez-Garcia

Departament de Fisica & Instituto Mediterraneo      e-mail: [log in para visualizar]
de Estudios Avanzados (IMEDEA, UIB-CSIC)               fax:    34-71-173426
Universitat de les Illes Balears                       voice:  34-71-173233
E-07071 Palma de Mallorca          
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{\Large {\bf Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Statistical and
Condensed Matter Physics}} \\


The Department of Physics at the University of Jyv\"askyl\"a,
Finland, invites postdoctoral applications
for an anticipated opening in the field
of Experimental Statistical and
Condensed Matter Physics, starting January 1, 1998, or at some later
date to be agreed upon. The successful candidate will
work in conjunction with the national Materials Research Program
``Properties of Fibrous Compounds and Disordered Materials'' headed
by prof. J. Timonen. The Consortium comprises
research groups at Helsinki (T. Ala-Nissil\"a, M. J. Alava,
K. Kaski and R. Nieminen) and at Jyv\"askyl\"a, and carries out
joint theoretical and experimental work. The candidate will be mainly
responsible for supervising and carrying out
experimental work on front propagation in
disordered materials (see J. Maunuksela
{\it et al.}, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 79}, 1515 (1997)), but is also
expected to interact with the theory groups. Persons interested
in this position should send all the relevant material to
{\bf Prof. Jussi Timonen, Department of Physics,
University of Jyv\"askyl\"a,
FIN--40351 Jyv\"askyl\"a, Finland.
Phone: +358-14-602-376, Fax: +358-14-602-401,
E-mail: {\tt [log in para visualizar] Further information can
be obtained also from T. Ala-Nissil\"a ({\tt [log in para visualizar]), or M.J. Alava
({\tt [log in para visualizar]).