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Wed, 21 Dec 2022 11:35:04 +0100
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IFISC (Institute of Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) 
announces that in the next call for FPI (predoctoral) contracts to 
appear soon, there will be one contract assigned to each one of the 
following projects.

-Project PID2021-122256NB-C21: A Physics approach to sociotechnical 
systems: from theory to data analysis (APASOS)
Contact: Raul Toral, [log in para visualizar]

-Project PID2021-123352OB-C32: Lagrangian transport of Marine litter and
microplastics from modeling, Analysis and observations in Coastal waters 
Contact:  Cristobal Lopez, [log in para visualizar]

-Project PID2021-128158NB-C21: Updating the brain’s memory base
Contact: Claudio Mirasso, [log in para visualizar]

Within the Maria de Maeztu Unit of Excellence there are 6 FPI contracts

CEX2021-001164-M-20-1: Quantum machine learning, computing and 
Contact: Roberta Zambrini, [log in para visualizar]

CEX2021-001164-M-20-2:Complex networks in socio-biological systems
Contact: Ernesto Estrada, [log in para visualizar]

CEX2021-001164-M-20-3: Evolution of biological and social populations
Contact: Tobias Galla, [log in para visualizar]

CEX2021-001164-M-20-4: Data science and artificial intelligence for 
ecological systems
Contact:  Víctor Eguíluz, [log in para visualizar]

CEX2021-001164-M-20-5: Complex systems approaches for novel machine 
learning paradigms
Contact: Lucas Lacasa, [log in para visualizar]

CEX2021-001164-M-20-6:Complexity in language evolution: Adaptation, 
consensus and cultural traits
Contact: David Sánchez, [log in para visualizar]

Given the time schedule (it seems that applications will be accepted 
from 12 to 26 of January 2023), possible applicants are encouraged to 
contact as soon as possible the responsible researcher of each project 
for further information

Raul Toral

IFISC, Instituto de Fisica Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos
(CSIC-UIB)   Edifici Instituts Universitaris Tel:34 971173235
Campus Universitat Illes Balears             Fax:34 971173248
E-07122 Palma de Mallorca       e-mail: [log in para visualizar]
Spain           ;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!WAbsXsNlqYkphqYgXvfWDapGMJDD_uu7B9e09H6JF-cmXz2-b8kyMrHhcyHxj7Re_0Uo2hYieV1T41ypAZjTnxtOiA$