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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing you to ask you to help me in getting applications for one
(or more) postdoctoral positions in theoretical
statistical and condensed matter physics, starting fall of 2011, in
the department of physics of the Rome University, La Sapienza,
(different starting times are possible).

The postdoctoral position will be inside the European project
CryPheRaSy (lead by Giorgio Parisi) and the postdoc fellow is supposed
to work in order to reach the scientific objectives of the program
(see below).

The techniques to be used in the project are quite various. Different
kind of expertise are welcome, e,g. from numerical simulations to
purely analytic computations.

The position is for one year, extendable for a second year.
The salary will be the same as a Marie-Curie Fellowship.

Applications including a CV, a list of publications, and a description
of past research and future research interests, should be sent to

Dr. Manuela Marchetti (ref.: PostDoc: CryPheRaSy)
E-mail: [log in para visualizar]

Applicants should also arrange for three letters of recommendation to
be sent to the same address.

All material should arrive by e-mail not later than December 10, 2010
in order for the application to receive full consideration.

Best Regards

Giorgio Parisi


CryPheRaSy: project summary.

This project aims to get a theoretical understanding of the most
important large-scale phenomena in classical and quantum disordered
systems.  Thanks to the renormalization group approach the critical
behaviour of pure systems is under very good control; however
disordered systems are in many ways remarkably peculiar (think for
example to non-perturbative phenomena like Griffiths singularities),
often the conventional approach does not work and many crucial issues
are still unclear.

The project aims to fill this important hole in our understanding of
disordered systems.  It will mainly concentrate on some of the most
important and studied systems, i.e. spin glasses, random field
ferromagnets (that are realized in nature as diluted antiferromagnets
in a field), structural glasses, Anderson and Mott localization (with
possible experimental applications to Bose-Einstein condensates and to
electron glasses), surface growth in random media (KPZ and DLA
models), etc...

This project aims to pursue a new approach to these problems.  We aim
to compute in the most accurate way the properties of these systems
using the original Wilson formulation of the renormalization group
with a fixed cut-off phase space cell analysis; this is equivalent to
solving a statistical model on a hierarchical lattice
(Dyson-Bleher-Sinai model).  This is not an easy job.  In the same
conceptual frame we plan to use simultaneously very different
techniques: probabilistic techniques, perturbative techniques at high
orders, expansions around mean field on Bethe lattice and numerical
techniques to evaluate the critical behaviour.

Even this restricted approach is very ambitious, but the theoretical
progresses that have been done in unveiling important features of
disordered systems suggest that it will be possible to obtain solid

Dipartimento di Fisica Universit di Roma ``La Sapienza"
Piazzale Aldo Moro 2, 00185, Roma, Italy
tel. +390649914311 fax +39064957697

Juan J. Ruiz-Lorenzo
Departamento de Fisica, Universidad de  Extremadura,
Avda Elvas s/n, Badajoz, 06071 Spain.
e-mail: [log in para visualizar]   WWW:
Tel: ++34 924289300 (ext 86829)  Fax: ++34 924289651