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                    FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT


                     SOPRON, HUNGARY

                      7-9 MARCH 2002

This is the 27th Annual Conference organized in the frame of the
Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics (MECO).


The aim of the Conference is to bring together researchers, both
experimentalists and theoreticians, working in different areas of
statistical physics. In this year the program of the meeting will
be organized mostly, but not exclusively, around the topics:

- Quantum phase transitions

- Systems far from equilibrium

- Disordered systems and interdisciplinary applications.


Kurt Binder (Mainz):
	Computer simulation of the structural glass transition
Eytan Domany (Rehovot):
	Cluster analysis of DNA-chip and antigen-chip data
Michel Droz (Geneve):
	Critical properties of non-equilibrium phase transitions
Robert Graham (Essen):
	Phase-fluctuations in magnetically trapped Bose-Einstein
Peter Grassberger (Juelich):
	no title yet
T. Maurice Rice (Zuerich):
	The RVB states of electrons on ladders and its
        relationship to the high Tc problem
Attilio Stella (Padova):
	no title yet
Peter Young (Oxford):
	Short range spin glasses
Tamas Vicsek (Budapest):
	Random networks in life
Gerard Weisbuch (Paris):
	to be confirmed


International Advisory Board:

A. Bauerle (Linz), B. Berche (Nancy), K. Binder (Mainz),
G. Blatter (Zurich), R. Blinc (Ljubljana), M. Capizzi (Roma),
C. Di Castro (Roma), R. Folk (Linz), Z. Galasiewicz (Wroclaw),
W. Kleemann (Duisburg), I. Kondor (Budapest), M. Kotrla (Prague),
A. Kuhnel (Leipzig), A. Maritan (Trieste), G. Meissner
(Saarbrucken), S. Milosevic (Beograd), A. Rigamonti (Pavia),
F. Schwabl (Munchen), A. Surda (Bratislava), J. Sznajd (Wroclaw),
V. Tognetti (Firenze), S. Trimper (Halle), I. Vilfan (Ljubljana)

Local Organizing Committee:

G. Fath, F. Igloi (chair), P. Lajko, G. Odor, L. Sasvari


Condensed Matter Research Centre (Centre of Excellence)
Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hungarian Ministry of Education
International Workshop in Theoretical Physics (NEFIM)


The meeting will be held in the Bio-Sport Hotel Lover, a comfortable
four-star hotel in Sopron. Sopron is one of the most traditional
old cities of Hungary, situated close to the Austrian border, easy
to reach both from Budapest (200km) and from Vienna (60km).


The Conference fee is 230 EUR (early payment, double room
occupation). The fee includes admission to scientific sessions,
the abstract booklet and participation in social program. It
also includes full board and lodging in Hotel Lover from 6 March
(evening) to 9 March (afternoon).


There are limited resources for financial support for students
and participants from Eastern Europe.


Early registration and
application for support:         15 December 2001

Early payment (reduced fee):	 10 January  2002

Abstract submission:              5 February 2002

Registration:			  5 February 2002

Payment (full fee):		  5 February 2002


Conference e-mail: [log in para visualizar]

Conference web page:

Mailing address:
Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics,
H-1525 Budapest 114, P.O. Box 49, Hungary

FAX: +36 (1) 3922218

**  MECO-27 Statistical Physics Conference              **
**  7-9 March 2002, Sopron, Hungary                     **
**  E-mail: [log in para visualizar]                             **
**  Web:                           **


   M. ngeles R. de Cara     - Condensed Matter Theory
   Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales (CSIC)
   E-28049   Cantoblanco     - Spain
   Tel: +34 913.721.420, 166 -  Fax  : +34 913.720.623