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ROSA MARIA BENITO ZAFRILLA <[log in para visualizar]>
Fri, 2 Dec 2022 18:02:11 +0100
text/plain (47 lines)
Os paso esta información de posibles contratos de postdoc y doctorado 
para su difusión donde consideréis.

Buen finde,

We seek excellent, creative, and highly motivated researchers (postdoc
and PhD student) with a background in computer science, network science,
statistical physics, applied mathematics, data science, computational
social science or related fields. The candidate must have a strong
interest in multidisciplinary research, a genuine curiosity about
fairness in AI systems, and a critical, open-minded, and collaborative
spirit. Specific goals of these positions include data analysis and
model development for multi-attributed socio-technical networks to
understand the emergence of intersectional inequalities and biases in
network-based algorithms. The project is funded by a EU Horizon Europe
grant (Multi-Attribute, Multimodal Bias Mitigation in AI Systems, Grant
ID: 101070285) and implemented in close collaboration with other
research institutes and organizations that are aiming for socially
responsible AI solutions. The candidate will be working in the research
team led by Fariba Karimi at Complexity Science Hub Vienna [1].


PhD student:;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!XPtzbBp7pzwWaS4-I5Qsq3hK_n03T_NJwF47erudPD1lddOEw3VZ1cGscT-9XbEI0iE3sPxaZQ9PUqT1YCW1qdwc7A3DqanV$ 

Website of the group:;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!XPtzbBp7pzwWaS4-I5Qsq3hK_n03T_NJwF47erudPD1lddOEw3VZ1cGscT-9XbEI0iE3sPxaZQ9PUqT1YCW1qdwc7JrJeSwU$ 

Catedrática de Universidad
Grupo de Sistemas Complejos
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!XPtzbBp7pzwWaS4-I5Qsq3hK_n03T_NJwF47erudPD1lddOEw3VZ1cGscT-9XbEI0iE3sPxaZQ9PUqT1YCW1qdwc7EYuMKuh$ 

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