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The Industrial Mathematics Research Group<> at the CRM is looking for a short-term Post-doctoral researcher to join the project Exploiting mathematics to aid in the design of adsorption columns, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The project involves mathematicians and environmental chemists and will build on the group’s previous work on modelling the removal of environmental contaminants, such as greenhouse gases from air and industrial outlets or pharmaceuticals and Volatile Organic Compounds from water. The ultimate project goal is to develop software, taking advantage of mathematical techniques, which will provide accurate and efficient results and so aid in the design and improvement of sorption equipment.
This contract is envisaged to start as soon as possible (according to availability) and will last until Dec. 2023 or soon thereafter.

Developing numerical solutions of advection-diffusion systems.
Refining and analysis of mathematical models for advection-diffusion.
Data collection and interpretation.
Liaising between group collaborators (mathematicians, chemists and future industrial partners).

PhD in Mathematics, Engineering or Physics.
Experience in numerical and analytical methods for partial differential equations.
Good command of the English language.
Ability to communicate between mathematicians and experimental scientists.

The selection process will be evaluated by the CRM Director or deputy director, the principal investigator of the Industrial Mathematics Research group, Prof. Tim Myers, and another member from the research group.
All enquiries can be made by contacting Prof. Tim Myers ([log in para visualizar]<mailto:[log in para visualizar]>)

Maria Aguareles
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Dept. d’Informàtica, Matemàtica Aplicada i Estadística.
Universitat de Girona