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Call for participation

VII Mediterranean School of Complex Networks

Short video:

5 Sep - 12 Sep 2020
Salina, Italy

In the last decade, network theory has been revealed to be a perfect instrument to model the structure of complex systems and the dynamical process they are involved into. The wide variety of applications to social sciences, technological networks, biology, transportation and economic, to cite just only some of them, showed that network theory is suitable to provide new insights into many problems.
Given the success of the past editions (2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019) of the Mediterranean School of Complex Networks, we call for applications to the 7th Edition in 2020. If you are curious about the past editions, you can find more information in the new "From the School" section of the Journal of Complex Networks:

The goal of this school is twofold:

  *   Provide a theoretical background to students (Master, PhD) and young researchers in the field, with particular attention to current trends in Network Science;
  *   Promote philosophical and scientific exchange between all participants, i.e., lecturers and attendants.

For this reason, the program will involve lectures from experts in different fields (social science, game theory, biology, physics, etc) for 70% of the duration of the school. The remaining time will be dedicated to student activities (including talks, debates, "social network games").


  *   Alex Arenas (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) - Multilayer Network Science
  *   Jordi Soriano (Universitat de Barcelona) - Network Neuroscience
  *   Jesus Gomez-Gardeñez (Universidad de Zaragoza) - Spreading Processes on Networks

Focused Seminars

  *   Andrea Baronchelli (City University of London and The Alan Turing Institute) - Socio-technical systems
  *   Riccardo Gallotti (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) - Urban and social systems
  *   Clara Granell (Universidad de Zaragoza) - A primer on community detection
  *   Kyriaki Kalimeri (ISI Turin) - Network Data Science for good
  *   Nathan Kutz (University of Washington) - Data-driven discovery of governing laws
  *   Margherita Russo (University of Modena) - Mesoscale Organization of trade networks

Local Organizing Committee

  *   Serafina Agnello   (FBK)
  *   Annalisa Armani   (FBK)
  *   Barbara Benigni   (FBK)

School Directors

  *   Alex Arenas   (URV)
  *   Manlio De Domenico   (FBK)

How to participate

The school will take place in Salina, a small island in the north of Sicily (Italy). Salina, fully covered by green vegetation and surrounded by the sea, represents a suitable small and quite environment to achieve the purposes of this school.

Registration is mandatory for participants, visit the webpage. School fee is 500 euros, lectures, transfers from Catania to Salina, and accommodation are included. School fee + social events is 575€.

This year, we will grant two scholarships, sponsored by the Complex Systems Society, that will cover the School fee only.

Please, note that meals are NOT included (except for social dinner).

Participation is limited to 50 attendants. Early applications will be appreciated.

Important Dates

31 March 2020    Early registration deadline (no payment needed at this stage)
15 April 2020      Notification of Acceptance
15 May 2020       Registration deadline (payment needed)

You can visit the website of the School for further details about the program, the location, previous editions, to apply or to contact the organizers.

You can follow it on Twitter for real-time information:

@MscxNetworks (hashtag #mscx20)

Please, redistribute among potentially interested peers.