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Luis Melendez <[log in para visualizar]>
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The PAPI authentication and authorization framework <[log in para visualizar]>
Wed, 22 Aug 2007 08:53:02 +0200
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Gustavo Roig wrote:
> hello friends!!
> This is my first mail to the list. I am beginer in PAPI and I'm not
> programmer  though I   know debian and Apache very well.
> I have installed AS on Debian Etch . Now I'm having a problem with de
> instalation of POA. When I try to compile it (after un-tar and run 'perl
> Makefile.PL') I can read this message:
> bib10:~/PAPI-1.4.0# tar xvfz PAPI....... tar.gz
> bib10:~/PAPI-1.4.0# perl Makefile.PL
> bib10:~/PAPI-1.4.0# make
> make[1]: se ingresa al directorio `/root/PAPI-1.4.0/Conf'
> Makefile:151: *** las instrucciones comenzaron antes del primer
> objetivo.  Alto.
> make[1]: se sale del directorio `/root/PAPI-1.4.0/Conf'
> that means "commands commence before first target"
> Someone have an idea  what can I  do about it?
> Thanks a lot
> Gustavo

Hi, Gustavo.
Probably 'perl Makefile.PL' has involved some prompts and messages.
Could you attach the complete dialog as well as the generated file

Best begards and good luck with PAPI!

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