Dear Colleague,

we are planning the international conference:

                     Rome (Italy) 10-15 June 2002

The aim is  to present recent results and  new perspectives in Quantum
Field Theory and Statistical  Mechanics.  The conference will focus on
the  interdisciplinary  aspects, and  on  the  exchange  of ideas  and
techniques  between different  fields of  Theoretical Physics  such as
Disordered  Systems,  Mesoscopic  Physics  and  Renormalization  Group
Methods as  well as between Theoretical and  Mathematical Physics with
reference also to some major Experimental Achievements.

Below please find a list of invited speakers:

 S. Albeverio, B.L. Altshuler, B. Batlogg (*), E. Brezin, F. Capasso,
     L.F. Cugliandolo, S. Doplicher, J.-P. Eckmann, J. Frohlich,
   G. Gallavotti, S. Haroche (*), G. 't Hooft(*), G. Jona-Lasinio,
 G. Kotliar, R.B. Laughlin, J.L. Lebowitz, E.H. Lieb, F. Martinelli,
      W. Metzner, P.K. Mitter, Y. Nambu, P. Nozieres, G. Parisi,
  V.L. Pokrovsky, E. Presutti, S. Sachdev, E. Scoppola, Ya.G. Sinai,
          H. Spohn, A.L. Stella, P. Wiegmann, E. Witten (*)

                                                  (*) to be confirmed

On this  occasion we will celebrate  the 70-th birthday  of our friend
and colleague Giovanni Jona-Lasinio.

With best regards,

the organizing committee
C. Di Castro (chairman),
N. Cancrini, M. Cassandro,
F. Guerra, C. Presilla