Volume 9 number 1- Spring Issue

Euro Observer
Volume 5 number 1
Health Affairs
Web Exclusive: The Future of Health Insurance

Frontiers of Health Services Management

The Consumer's Impact on Healthcare Delivery
Lead articles by Quint Studer and Julie Morath, R.N.

Softbound, 46 pp, Summer 2003,
ISSN 0748-8157
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The Internet, the nightly news, and drug advertisements all have
contributed to the increased knowledge that patients now bring to the
doctor's office. How do you accommodate the demands of patients, and how
far do you go?

This issue of Frontiers of Health Services Management showcases successful
approaches to ensuring patient satisfaction and highlights some pitfalls of
a consumer-driven healthcare system. The first article, by Quint Studer, an
expert in cultures of excellence and founder of the Studer Group, tells you
how to increase patient satisfaction by enhancing the work experience of
staff. The second article, by hospital executive Julie Morath, suggests
that our complex healthcare system can and should be radically changed to
include the patient as partner in care. In the commentaries that follow,
acknowledged leaders in healthcare law, policy, and management discuss the
pros and cons of a consumer-driven healthcare system in the United States.
The innovative yet sensible principles and thoughtful cautions shared will
guide you as you navigate the increasingly consumer-influenced healthcare

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