Hi Krishan,

On 5 Feb 2007, at 13:58, Krishan Purahoo wrote:
>>> Can you send me the exact URL that your
>>> AS is including in the page that sends to you upon successful
>>> authentication?
> Well, the URL to my AS is http://jactest-3.jet.uk:8085/cgi-papi/ 
> AuthServer
> as defined in my AuthServer.cf file. I type this directly in my  
> browser
> to access it for testing.
> After authenticating I get the 'successfully authenticated page'  
> and its
> URL is exactly same as the AS URL above
> (http://jactest-3.jet.uk:8085/cgi-papi/AuthServer). I suspect this is
> wrong!!

No. That's correct. The AuthServer invokes itself with different  
codes. I was referring to the URLs that should appear inside the  
authenticated page" and that are supposed to bring the images holding  
cookies. Or easier, just send me the source of the whole page you get  
authenticated. And the whole set of config files (including the  
source database) would help as well.

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