Thanks Diego/Luis for your responses.

Diego - I have tried using fully qualified hostnames, but to no avail.

>> Can you send me the exact URL that your
>> AS is including in the page that sends to you upon successful
>> authentication?

Well, the URL to my AS is
as defined in my file. I type this directly in my browser
to access it for testing.

After authenticating I get the 'successfully authenticated page' and its
URL is exactly same as the AS URL above
( I suspect this is 

Yes I do indeed use a mozilla type of browser (firefox)

I have removed any use of the domain directive, but no success.

Luis - About the accepturl/rejectURL I did try images url initailly and
it did not work. I then tried a normal html URL, as a test which also
didn't work.

As for the papi/cookie_handler.cgi, I left it same as it was in the 
default file. The FAQ says that there is 
no such PAPI/cookie_handler.cgi. This is the default ...

Many Thanks again