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Estudios de Lingüí­stica del Español (ELiEs):
es una red temática de lingüística del español asociada a INFOLING.

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Tesis doctoral en la red:
SÁNCHEZ MUÑOZ, Ana. 2007. Register and style variation in speakers of
Spanish as a heritage and as a second language. Department of
Linguistics, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA), USA:

La tesis doctoral de Ana Sánchez Muñoz, anunciada en Infoling:
se encuentra ya en la red en formato PDF:

Web de la autora de la tesis y más información:

PDF Version of Chomsky's Original 1955-56 Thesis

Chomsky's thesis draft (1955-56), the one he was preparing for publication as "The Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory" is freely downloadable (436MB):

The full document contains chapters that were left out of the LSLT
published version, e.g., an information-theoretic method to construct
linguistic categories, that Chomsky developed in conjunction with Peter Elias.
Información de Prof. Bob Berwick, distribuida por Linguist List