You are invited to participate and present your work in the workshop 
Physics Applied to Economics and Social Sciences (PAESS'08). This is a 
workshop aiming to congregate physicists, economists and social science 
researchers with the objective of discussing models and methods of 
physics applied to economics and social sciences. This is a very active 
and important multidisciplinary field which exhibits a rapid growth in 
the last years and that is of interest of many scientists from different 
specialties around the world.
The workshop will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from 25 to 29 
November 2008, and is open to participants from all countries. A 
particular effort will be made to partially finance the participation of 
a number of researchers and graduate students from Latin America. 
Invited speakers come from all around the world. The number of 
participants is limited to 200.
More information and registration:

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