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Subject: 	reminder of upcoming application deadline for 2010 EMBO funding
Date: 	Thu, 18 Dec 2008 14:57:33 +0100
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Dear Colleagues,

The EMBO Courses & Workshops Programme funds high-quality scientific 
meetings, promoting collaborations and exchange in the latest molecular 
biology advances.

It would be appreciated if you could disseminate this information to any 
party you feel might be interested in applying to run an EMBO funded 
meeting (practical courses, workshops, conference series and EMBO/FEBS 
Lecture Courses).

Our next deadline to apply for 2010 EMBO funding is: *1 February 2009*.

Please visit our webpages at: _http://www.embo.org/courses_workshops/_ 
for further information. You will find online application forms as well 
as “information packs” containing guidelines and other important details.

*Apply now for 2010 funding to organise…

EMBO Practical Courses …
*provide young researchers with advanced training in cutting-edge 
_http://www.embo.org/courses_workshops/practical_courses.php_ (within 
_http://www.embo.org/world/index.php#practical_courses_ (outside Europe)
**EMBO Workshops…
*provide scientists from different fields an opportunity to discuss 
common themes and exchange of cross-disciplinary results.
_http://www.embo.org/courses_workshops/workshops.php_ (within Europe)
_http://www.embo.org/world/index.php#workshops_ (outside Europe)
**EMBO Conference Series…
*benefit from a conference series approach (three meetings over a 
six-year period in an EMBC Member State ( _http://www.embo.org/embc)_ 
<http://www.embo.org/embc%29> .

*Joint EMBO/FEBS Lecture Courses…
*on timely topics in all areas of biochemistry and molecular biology.

*/N.B/*/: EMBO’s free Helpdesk service will set-up all 2010 meeting 
websites. We have a new, interactive online registration system (which 
includes web and paper format upload of abstracts, easy selection of 
participants plus other new and exciting features).
*Please feel free to contact us at: [log in para visualizar] 
<mailto:[log in para visualizar]> with any related issues or questions.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Best wishes,

Prof. Giancarlo Franzese                E-Mail:    [log in para visualizar]
Departament de Fisica Fonamental        WEB www.ffn.ub.es/gfranzese
Facultat de Fisica                      Phone:        +34 934039212
Universitat de Barcelona                Fax:          +34 934021149
Diagonal 647, 08028 Barcelona, Spain    Secretary:    +34 934021150