Dear friends and colleagues,

I would be very grateful if you could redirect this announcement to interested 

We announce the openning for several Postdoctoral and Predoctoral positions in 
The Nonlinear and Statistical Physics Group ( at the 
University of Zaragoza.

Research topics involve:

* Dynamics of nonlinear systems (nonlinear dynamics in Josephson
   arrays; thermal activation problems; friction and nonlinear
   dynamics; localization in nonlinear systems).

* Biological systems (molecular motor modelization; study of
   mesoscopic models of biomolecules: DNA and proteins; protein
   dynamics simulations at the microscopic level)

* Complex networks and sociophysics (dynamics and synchronization in
   complex networks; complex networks and biology: epidemic propagation
   and neuronal networks; game theory and evolutionary dynamics;
   emergence of collective behavior in social systems)

Interested candidates please send a letter of interest and CV to the following 
e-mail address: [log in para visualizar] The selection process will begin on March 
15, 2009, and continue until the positions are filled. For more information, 
please visit our web page ( and contact some of the 
members of the group.

Thank you,

   Dr. Juan J. Mazo
   Dpto. de FĂ­sica de la Materia Condensada and ICMA
   Universidad de Zaragoza,
   C/Pedro Cerbuna 12
   E-50009, Zaragoza. SPAIN
   email: [log in para visualizar]