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A Dynamical Systems Approach
by Zoltán Neufeld (University College Dublin, Ireland) &
Emilio Hernández-García (IFISC, Spanish Higher Research Council (CSIC) & 
University of the Balearic Islands, Spain)


Many chemical and biological processes take place in fluid environments 
in constant motion — chemical reactions in the atmosphere, biological 
population dynamics in the ocean, chemical reactors, combustion, and 
microfluidic devices. Applications of concepts from the field of 
nonlinear dynamical systems have led to significant progress over the 
last decade in the theoretical understanding of complex phenomena 
observed in such systems.
This book introduces the theoretical approaches for describing mixing 
and transport in fluid flows. It reviews the basic concepts of dynamical 
phenomena arising from the nonlinear interactions in chemical and 
biological systems. The coverage includes a comprehensive overview of 
recent results on the effect of mixing on spatial structure and the 
dynamics of chemically and biologically active components in fluid 
flows, in particular oceanic plankton dynamics.

     * Fluid Flows
     * Mixing and Dispersion in Fluid Flows
     * Chemical and Ecological Models
     * Reaction-Diffusion Dynamics
     * Fast Binary Reactions and the Lamellar Approach
     * Decay-Type and Stable Reaction Dynamics in Flows
     * Mixing in Autocatalytic-Type Processes
     * Mixing in Oscillatory Media
     * Further Reading

Imperial College Press, Sept. 2009
ISBN:   978-1-86094-699-8  //  1-86094-699-2

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