Hi Aleix,

On 31 May 2010, at 10:54, Aleix Dorca wrote:
> thanks for your information... but it still does not work correctly  
> although using two proxies helped a bit.
> I still can't load .js and .css files correctly so pages are totally  
> distorted.
> I wonder if I can give you a quick call to sort out some things and  
> see if I'm doing them right.

It is going to be a little bit complicated: I'm at a conference in  
Vilnius right now, with most of my
time booked.... What if you send the apache config file (or the  
virtual host sections relevant for these
two VHs) to my personal address, [log in para visualizar] I'll try to  
get back with some ideas to you and,
if there is something still not clear, at least we'll have a common  
ground to discuss when we talk...

Be goode,

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