Dear colleague,

we  have  the  pleasure  to  announce  the  Workshop  on  "Search  and
Stochastic Processes in Complex Physical and Biological Systems" to be
held  from May  28th till  June 1st  in the  city of  Palma (Mallorca,
Spain).  The  workshop venue  is the Institute  for Cross-Disciplinary
Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC), of the University of the Balearic
Islands  (UIB)  and Consejo  Superior  de Investigaciones  Científicas

The goal  of the workshop is  to bring together  leading scientists to
discuss  recent theoretical  and experimental  progress in  studies of
search processes, and to advance the synergies between the communities
working  in  condensed matter  and  statistical physics,  quantitative
biology, and mathematics.

For   further  information   you  can   visit  the   workshop  website    and   register    to   the
conference no later than the 2nd of May.

We would be grateful if  you circulate this announcement to students or
researchers that could be interested in the subject.

With best regards

Carlos Mejia-Monasterio
Raul Toral
Horacio Wio