Dear friends and colleagues,

herewith, I would like to ask you for your nominations for the Young 
Scientist Award in Socio- and Econophycis (5,000 EUR), which will be 
awarded during the annual Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society 
in Regensburg in the week from March 10-15 2013.

The Young Scientist Award recognizes outstanding original contributions 
that use physical methods to develop a better understanding of 
socio-economic problems and is intended for scientists in the earlier 
stage of their career, aged 40 or less on the day of the award ceremony.

Candidates can be from all over the world and do not necessarily need to 
be physicists. The following list of our previous winners shows that we 
seek to reflect the rich variety of the field of socio- and econophysics:

- 2002: Damien Challet (minority games etc.)
- 2003: Vasiliki Plerou (financial markets etc.)
- 2004: Illes Farkas (crowd dynamics etc.)
- 2005: Reuven Cohen (complex networks etc.)
- 2006: Xavier Gabaix (Zipf's law of urban growth etc.)
- 2007: Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (opinion formation etc.)
- 2008: Frabrizio Lillo (financial crashes etc.)
- 2009: Duncan Watts (small world networks, etc.)
- 2010: Dirk Brockmann (epidemic spreading, etc.)
- 2011: Santo Fortunato (sociophysics, etc.)
- 2012: Arne Traulsen (evolutionary game theory etc.)

The prestige of the prize and its stimulating effects for the whole 
community depend on the number and quality of your nomimations.
Candidates will be assessed by an international award committee 
according to the originality of their contributions and their impact on 
the development of the field. The outcome is of course not predictable 
in advance, but your effort will usually not be in vain. Your 
nominations will be considered in the following year(s) as well, and 
nominees can certainly gain international recognition by the screening 
of the international award committee.

Thank you very much in advance for your valuable help. Your nominations 
can be uploaded now at

until December 1st, 2012.

Best regards, Dirk Helbing ( <>, <>)


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