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Infoling 3.18 (2014)
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Oferta de trabajo:
Cargo: Lecturer
Universidad, Empresa: University of Antwerp
Departamento: Linguistics
Lugar de trabajo: Antwerp, Bélgica
Información de: Rita De Maeseneer <[log in to unmask]>
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Especialidad: Análisis del discurso, Lingüística cognitiva, Lingüística computacional, Lingüística de corpus, Neurolingüística, Otras especialidades, Teorías lingüísticas

Lenguas: Spanish/English/Dutch for administrative goals (The University of Antwerp provides the necessary support)


The Faculty of Arts is seeking to fill the following full-time vacancy in the Department of Linguistics:
Tenured academic staff in the area of Spanish linguistics and language proficiency in Spanish.

Job description:

- You are responsible for teaching Spanish linguistics and language proficiency in Spanish at the BA and MA levels, including phonetics/phonology, morphosyntax, semantics, and pragmatics. You will cover various (sub)domains of Spanish linguistics in your courses. You also coordinate the grammar and language proficiency courses at the BA level.
- You will be assigned the following lecturing duties: Spanish Proficiency 3 (BA2, 4 ECTS); Spanish Linguistics 1 (BA1, 4 ECTS, preferably taught in Dutch); Spanish Linguistics 2 (BA2, 6 ECTS); Spanish Linguistics 3 (BA3, 4 ECTS) as well as an MA course in Spanish linguistics (6 ECTS).
- You will conduct scientific research in the areas of (Spanish) morphosyntax, semantics, and/or pragmatics, in line with the ongoing research in these domains in the Department.
- You will acquire and manage external funding (national and international).
- You will offer additional services, including mentoring Spanish students at the BA level.

Profile and requirements:

- You hold a doctoral degree (PhD) in Spanish linguistics.
- The focus in your teaching corresponds to the educational vision of the university.
- Your academic qualities comply with the requirements stipulated in the university’s policy.
- You have leadership skills.
- You are quality-oriented, conscientious, creative and cooperative.
- You have (near-)native fluency in Spanish.
- You can meet the statutory language requirements for both the knowledge of the teaching language and the administrative language, Dutch. The University of Antwerp provides the necessary support.

We offer:

Commensurate with the experience and the academic qualifications
- Either a full-time position as a lecturer, in a temporary appointment in the tenure track for a term of five years. This position will lead to an immediate permanent appointment as a senior lecturer if the performance is assessed favourably on the basis of previously fixed and publicly announced evaluation criteria.
- Or a full-time position as a senior lecturer or higher, generally entailing a permanent appointment. In the case of a first appointment to the corps of academic personnel (ZAP), the university board may proceed to a temporary appointment for a period not exceeding three years. This position will lead to a permanent appointment if the performance is assessed favourably.

- The date of appointment will be October 1, 2014.
- A gross monthly salary ranging from € 4 009,43 – € 5 910,19 for a full-time lecturer, € 4 591,43 – € 7 213,07 for a full-time senior lecturer.
- A dynamic and stimulating work environment.

Fecha límite para la presentación de candidaturas: hasta el 27 de abril de 2014

Forma de envío de la candidatura

Persona de contacto: Frank Brisard
Correo-e de contacto: [log in to unmask]

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