us disponibles en la Biblioteca Digital de Textos del Español Antiguo son:
- Obra en prosa de Alfonso X el sabio (20 textos / 3.255.914 tokens) (
- Textos médicos españoles (55 textos / 2.642.403 tokens) (
- Textos navarro-aragoneses (36 textos / 3.336.942 tokens) (
- Textos legales españoles (49 textos / 2.804.358 tokens) (

Con esta nueva entrega, la Biblioteca Digital de Textos del Español Antiguo ofrece acceso gratuito en línea a 179 textos y cerca de 17.000.000 de tokens.


Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to announce the fifth corpus of the Digital Library of Old Spanish Texts project: Spanish Biblical Texts (

The Corpus of Spanish Biblical Texts is a free online resource developed by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies ( in collaboration with the Biblia Medieval project ( Its main goal is to facilitate the study and dissemination of a unique aspect of the medieval Hispanic language and culture: the translations of the Bible into Castilian undertaken during the Middle Ages.

This new research integrates in a common interface the texts, indices (alphabetic, frequency, reverse alphabetic) and KWIC concordances of 19 biblical translations into medieval Spanish, almost 5 million words, allowing for seamless queries in all of its components. A complete listing of all the texts is included at the end of this message.

This corpus will be a significant source of information for historical linguists, lexicographers, and any other researcher interested in the medieval Castilian biblical translations. They will be able to access and search the contents of the texts for a wide variety of research tasks connected with the diachronic developments of medieval Spanish, allowing them to examine the shift, continuities and patterns of variation that occurred over several centuries.

The other four corpora included in the Digital Library of Old Spanish Texts are:

- Prose Works of Alfonso X el sabio (20 texts / 3,255,914 tokens) (
- Spanish Medical Texts (55 texts / 2,642,403 tokens) (
- Navarro-Aragonese Texts (36 texts / 3,336,942 tokens) (
- Spanish Legal Texts (49 texts / 2,804,358 tokens) (

With this new corpus, the Digital Library of Old Spanish Texts now offers free online access to 179 texts and close to 17,000,000 tokens.


Francisco Gago


01- La Fazienda de Ultramar (Salamanca: Biblioteca Universitaria, ms. 1997)
02- Biblia romanceada E6 (Escorial: Monasterio I.i.6)
03- Biblia romanceada E8 (Escorial: Monasterio I.i.8)
04- Biblia romanceada E8 (Escorial: Monasterio I.Y.6)
05- General Estoria: Alfonso X (1252-1284)
a. GE1 (Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, ms. 816)
b. GE2 (Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, ms. 10.237, Évora: Biblioteca Pública, ms. CXXV/2-3 y Escorial: Monasterio O-I-11)
c. GE3 (Évora: Biblioteca Pública, ms. CXXV/2-3 y Escorial: Monasterio Y.I.8)
d. GE4 (Vaticano: Biblioteca Urb. Lat. 539 y Escorial: Monasterio I.I.2)
e. GE5 (Escorial: Monasterio I.I.2)
06- Biblia romanceada E3 (Escorial: Monasterio I.i.3)
07- Biblia de Ajuda (Lisboa: Biblioteca de Ajuda, ms. 52-XIII-1)
08- Biblia romanceada E19 (Escorial: Monasterio J.ii.19)
09- Biblia romanceada E7 (Escorial: Monasterio I.i.7)
10- Biblia romanceada E5 (Escorial: Monasterio I.i.5)
11- Biblia romanceada de Évora (Évora: Biblioteca Pública, ms. CXXIV/1-2)
12- Biblia romanceada E4 (Escorial: Monasterio I.i.4)
13- Biblia romanceada de Oxford (Oxford: Bodleian, Canon. Ital. 177)
14- Biblia romanceada de la BNM (Madrid: Nacional, ms 10288)
15- Biblia romanceada de la RAH (Madrid: Real Academia de la Historia, ms. 87)
16- Biblia de Arragel (Madrid: Palacio de Liria)
17- Libro de Job (Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, ms. 10138)
18- Libro de Ester (Salamanca: Universitaria, ms. 2015)
19- Evangelios y epístolas paulinas (Madrid: Nacional, 9556)

Área temática: Lingüística de corpus, Lingüística histórica, Lingüística románica, Morfología, Variedades del español

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