York Health Economic Consortium would like to announce the following courses which we are offering in 2016.  All courses are held at the University of York, but we can also deliver courses locally.

- Introduction to Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) (3 March 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/patient-reported-outcomes/ 
- Understanding Searching Techniques (24 March 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/understanding-searching-techniques/ 
- Economic Evaluation for Oncology (22 April 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/economic-evaluation-oncology/ 
-  Advanced Search Techniques For Systematic Reviews, HTA and Guideline development (26 April 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/advanced-search-techniques/ 
- Advanced Search Strategy Design for Complex Topics: Strategy Development, Text Analytics and Text Mining (27 April 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/advanced-search-strategy-design/ 
-  Making an Economic Case for Service Redesign in the NHS (5 May 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/nhs-service-redesign/ 
-  Identifying Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies: Challenges and Strategies (3 June 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/identifying-dta-studies/ 
-  Early Economic Modelling to Inform Clinical Trial Design and Other Decisions (1 July 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/early-economic-modelling/ 
-  Health Economic Evaluations and Economic Evidence (16 September 2016) http://www.yhec.co.uk/training/economic-evaluations-and-evidence/ 

For further information on these courses please visit our training pages at: http://www.yhec.co.uk/training or contact Alicia Wooding (tel: +44 (0)1904 324084 email: [log in para visualizar])

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