le:italic;" xml:lang="es-ES" lang="es-ES">Juan bailó hasta la puerta ‘Juan danced (all the way) to the door’. Sentences like this represent a challenge to Talmian typology. According to Talmy's proposal, two different types of languages can be distinguished. Namely, verb-framed languages, such as Spanish, in which the path of motion depends on the verb, while the manner of movement is expressed by an additional phrase; and satellite-framed languages, in which the verb expresses the manner of motion, whereas the path depends on a satellite of the verb (He ran into the house). However, Spanish sentences that contain a manner motion verb in combination with telic path phrases Michel corre al molino ‘Michel is running to the mill’ demonstrate that such a binary distinction is not fully representative of the variety of languages in the word.

All things considered, Romance Perspectives on Construction Grammar is a valuable contribution to the study of Romance Languages Grammar from Construction Grammar framework.


Goldberg, A.E. and Jackendoff, R.J. 2004. “The resultative as a family of constructions”. Language (80): 532-568.


1 This review was first published in Languages in Contrast 15.2 (2005), pp. 294-296. We would like to thank John Benjamins Publishing Company for allowing us to reproduce this review on Infoling.

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