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Oferta de trabajo:
Cargo: Analytic Linguistic Project Manager
Universidad, Empresa: Pygmalion
Lugar de trabajo: Mexico City, México
Información de: Alena Butryna <[log in to unmask]>
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Especialidad: Morfología, Semántica, Sintaxis

Lenguas: Spanish (Mexico), English


The role of the Linguistic Project Manager is to consult with Natural Language Understanding Researchers on creating guidelines and setting standards for a variety of NLP projects, as well as to lead and manage the work of a team of junior linguists to achieve high quality data output.

This includes:

- Reviewing and annotating linguistic data
- Deriving NLP data for new and on-going projects
- Training, managing, and overseeing the work of a team of junior linguists
- Creating guidelines for semantic, syntactic and morphological projects
- Consulting with researchers and engineers on the development of linguistic databases
- Identifying and assigning required tasks for a project
- Tracking and reporting the team's progress
- Monitoring and controlling quality of the data annotated by the team
- Providing linguistic/operational guidance and support to the team
- Delivering final output

Minimum Requirements:

- Native speaker of Spanish (Mexico) and fluent in English
- Master's degree or higher in Linguistics or Computational Linguistics, with experience specializing in semantics, syntax, morphology or lexicography
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Good organizational skills
- Previous project management and people management experience

Desired Skills:

- Ability to quickly grasp technical concepts; should have an interest in natural language processing.
- Keen interest in technology and computer-literate (should feel comfortable using in-house tools and should have an interest in linguistics and linguistic resources).

Project duration:

6-9 months (with potential for extension)

This is not a permanent position but a full-time contract position.
For immediate consideration, please email your CV and cover letter in English (PDF format preferred) with "Analytic Linguistic Project Manager [Spanish (Mexico)]" in the subject line.

Fecha límite para la presentación de candidaturas: hasta el 1 de agosto de 2016

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