Call for Papers in Nutrition Economics -  Value in Health

Nutrition economics is an emerging discipline arising out of the intersection between health economics and nutrition science, and is dedicated to researching and characterizing health and economic outcomes in nutrition for the benefit of society. To contribute to the development of this academic field, the Editors of Value in Health are issuing an open Call for Papers for empirical and theoretical work having pragmatic or policy-relevant implications in this area.

Submissions received before December 15, 2019 will have the best chance of inclusion in this themed section. Papers submitted after this date or those not accepted for the theme may be considered for a regular issue of Value in Health. All submissions will be evaluated by the Guest Editor to determine its appropriateness for peer review. Final decisions regarding ultimate acceptance rest solely with the Editors.

Authors should submit manuscripts through the journal’s web-based tracking system and be sure to classify their submissions as Nutrition Economics